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Feb 4 to Mar 4, 1999 

Monday, March 1, 1999

�  Several of our men met at the church this morning for prayer. Prayers were offered for all men. This morning the participants included: John Hall, Ceasar Clark, Nathan Thornton, Abe Pierce, III, William Smith, Brian Reed, Robert Tanzy, and Pastor Wright.  The men of the church maintain a prayer vigil each Monday morning which has been unbroken for over a year.


Sunday, February 28, 1999

�  Our fellowship at the Youth Leader's Seminar in Alexandria was great. Four of our deacons were present and 30 members of our Circle were on hand. The youth were a bit sleepy. They stayed up nearly all night talking. The girls were afraid because a message appeared on their wall that said "You will die." The message was written in some kind of paint that only shows in the dark. Someone in a previous group must have put it on the walls as a prank.

�  While in Alexandria, Ms Marlene Ross joined our church. She wrote a letter requesting to be a "watchcare" member of  our congregation to have a church home. Said she even though she lives in Lake Charles she wants Tabernacle to be her church family. The members who were present sang a hymn, put out a chair in the cafeteria and accepted her as a member after a motion and a second was  made. She was given the right hand of fellowship. She is our first "Cyber Member." That means she maintains her relationship with our church through the internet.

�  Brian Reed preached today. Two members united after the service: Donna Lewis and her daughter Giea Lewis both of Shreveport. The family recenty moved to Monroe.


Saturday, February 27, 1999

�  Our kids enjoyed the Black Heritage today. Debra Ratcliff headed the effort. It worked well. They were so enthused. After the parade our circle traveld to Alexandria for a demonstraton of the Circle of the Chosen. They were extremely impressive. So large! So impressive. Traveling with them were three deacons: Brothers, Ratcliff and Mitchell.


Friday, February 26, 1999

�  It was uplifting to see so many of our members travel to Vicksburg for the funeral of Rita Trice. She was correctly eulogized as a warm spirit who faced  death with a smile. A van full of members attended. Pastor Wright preached the sermon "Living a lovely song" for the service. Sister Leatrice Morrison played a medlody. There were not seats in th congregation. It was just that full.


Thursday, February 25, 1999

�  Today the church family paid tribute to Deacon Clem Toston. The pastor preached the funeral his topic was "The Path Finder's Reward."  The service was well attended. A presentation was given by one of the Toston family members. According Deacon's Toston's request, the pastor preached in his old black robe and walked his wife out of the church. It was supposed to be a reminder to him not to forget the old way. The pastor was overwhelmed by the symbolism of the requests.


Wednesday, February 24, 1999

�  The Circle of the Chosen practiced tonight. It was better than last night. Mr. Williams became frustrated at the slackness of the team last night. He said if his name is on it, it must be good. He was serious.

�  The wake services for Deacon Clem Toston were held tonight. Mrs. Toston was present. Mr. Toston's brothers John, M.L. and others were present.  The remains were presented beautifully by the mortician. There is a look of peace on Brother Toston's face. He is at rest. Pastor Wright urged everyone to think about the good times and give God praise for his 93 years.

�  Mayor Pierce was there. Personalities from across the community were also present including his long time friend B.D. Robinson. The ushers served. They were out in full force, led by the president, Mary Taylor.

�  The newborn of Brother and Sister Nathan Thornton is in the Neo-Natal unit at St. Francis Hospital. She's having trouble breathing. Let's all pray for them. God is still in control.

�  The Trustees closed the paper work on our new vans today. Insurance purchased. Delivery tomorrow.

�  Brenda Kyles is on jury duty this week. It's a new experience.

Monday, February 22, 1999

�  Sister Rita Trice had surgery this morning for a heart problem. Pastor Wright prayed with her at 5 a.m. She was in beaming and smiling as usual, in good spirits. It was a second heart surgery, the first being 18 years ago. Many of her family members gathered Sunday  for  an old fashioned throw down. She laughed and enjoyed them. She told some she did not expect to make it through the operation. She faced death with a smile. After the surgery at about 8:40 p.m. as a result of complications of the surgery, she died.

�  The van committee of the trustees inspected and test drove the new church vans today. They were pleased.

�  Some of our men met for prayer this morning. There was special prayer for the Thorntons


Sunday, February 21, 1999

�  There was a fine crowd at today's worship service.  A special focus was given on African-American families. A skit was performed by Shemelda "Monique" Beckwith, Brian Reed and Robert Tanzy. It was about the Black family. The program was co-ordinated Yolanda Green. She concluded by saluting the families of Tabernacle with a special version of the church welcome song directed toward families. Pastor Wright preached from the subject "Out of the dust, we shall rise."

�  One person, Robert Sheppard, united with us today.

�  Natalie Williams was absent today. She performed a poem at a Black history program at Mt. Zion.

Saturday, February 20, 1999

�  Deacon Clem Toston died today. Arrangements are being made for a funeral service.

�  The homeless minstry fed the homeless today. Participating were: Nannette Brothers, Pam Tanzy and others.

Friday, February 19, 1999

�  The Black Heritage drama closed tonight. There were about 500 people in the final audience. This more there were 1300 students. Last night there were about 1,000 adults. It was a great production and was performed almost flawlessly.


Wednesday, February 17, 1999

�  The first of seven showings of the Black Heritage Drama opened this morning. There were about 850 people in attendance. Mrs. Jeanette Mitchell and Mrs. Ruby Washington co-ordinated the seating. The cast did a good job. There were people laughing at times and wiping tears from their eyes at others.


Tuesday, February 16, 1999

�  Clem Toston was moved the CCU unit at North Monroe Hospital today. He took a turn for the worse. Brother Abe Pierce is keeping a watchful eye on him.

�  Two of our members met with the Mayor's Commission on the Needs of Women today. Pastor Wright was the speaker. He talked about the 21st century and women in addition to the Y2K problem. Versie Larkin is a member and Doris Welch is the president.


Monday, February 15, 1999

�  Several men of our church met this morning at 7 a.m. for Monday morning prayer. Among the prayers were for The Thornton family and Mr and Mrs. Clem Toston. Among those in attendance were: John Hall, Ceasar Clark, Pastor Wright, Abe Pierce, III, John Hall, Jimmy Bryant, Nathan Thornton and Robert Tanzy


Sunday, February 14, 1999

�  Church service was well attended today. The choir sang great. Carolyn Taylor led a version of  "Deep River." Several female members of the congregation were honored as unsung heroines. The pastor's sermon was "The Burdens and Blessings of Eve." One man Mr. John Evans untied with our church today.

�  Characters in the Black heritage play rehearsed today at Carver school.

�  Augusta Turner president of the NAACP was introduced during worship service today. She presented the pastor with a bronze medal noting his 12 years as local NAACP president in Monroe. Other words of support for NAACP were given.

�  Mrs. Rita Trice was reported sick today.

Thursday, February 11, 1999

�  Rehearsal was held for Black Heritage Drama, "I Wants to Be Free." A full dress rehearsal was held. Angela Mayo and her daughter Ashley look cute as Slaves. Lenore Williams plays a bossy Nanny and gets to dance too! With her arm in a partial cast, Joslyn showed up to manage the costumes. Many of the ladies have pitched in to help her make the costumes. She directs-they sew. Great spirit. It's really shaping up!


Wednesday, February 10, 1999

�  Bible Study was held tonight. The question of  self examination before participating in the Lord's supper was the topic. The pastor taught the study, which noted that the purpose of the observance is to remind ourselves of Christ's sacrifice. Those who participate should be in "communion" with him daily. Harolyn Hall emphasized that self examination is a daily process and should not be limited to just the Lord's supper observance.

�  Prayers were offered for our sick including: Dorothy Lyons, Joslyn Wright, Clem and Lucille Toston and others.

�  Jo Ella Williams recovered and was in attendance at Bible Study.

�  Clem Toston was admitted to North Monroe Hospital today. Deacon Abe Pierce has been personally attending his affairs. Other deacons led by brother Ceasar Clark have been attending his household needs while sister Mildred Johnson and other women are caring for Sister Toston. The Tostons are the senior married couple in our congregation.

�  The Circle of the Chosen met tonight. Brother Terry Williams will be taking 15 members to the Monroe Moccasins Hockey game Saturday as reward for their great performance so far.

�  The Visions planning group met tonight and reports were given from the various groups. Most have streamlined their vision lists and are researching the various goals involved.


Monday, February 8, 1999

�  Some of our men met at the church for prayer this morning. Prayers were offered by John Hall, Mayor Abe Pierce, Jimmy Bryant, Nathan Thornton, Ceasar Clark and Pastor Wright. Also in attendance were Monroe Sims and Gary Blanson. The men offered words of encouragement to Nathan. His wife expects to deliver their first born on February 14th.

�  Audio Version of Pastor's Sermon

Sunday, February 7, 1999

�  Worship service was well attended today. The choir sang several inspiring songs. J.R. Bryant played "Nobody knows" on the viola. It was truly inspirational. A black heritage focus was presented saluting Black men in the community. Brother Everett Green co-ordinated the program which featured salutes to several men in the community. The pastor preached "Adam, Where art thou?" There were three new members added today.  During the service  the lights went out, there was a power failure outside. The power was restored as pastor Wright began his sermon.

�  Mrs. Jo Ella Williams was absent today. She was ill. Mrs. Dovecenie McDonald has been placed in the Oaks Nursing home. She is trying to adjust to a new environment. Mr. and Mrs. Toston have been absent from services since December. Several deacons are assisting them in adjusting to assisted living.

�  The pastor's aide club served dinner to Sister Joslyn Wright today. Sister Wright is recovering from an auto accident last week. Sadie Cornelius and Mildred James brought dinner by. Deacon Floyd Brothers and his family visited and offered prayer.

 Saturday, February 6, 1999

�  The Family enhancement committee met today. Plans were made for the Singles and married couples retreat which will be held in April at Tall Timbers in Alexandria. The singles group is being headed by Tanisha Jolla and the Married retreat is being headed by Harolyn Hall. The retreat is scheduled for April 10 and 11th.

�  William Smith learned today that he passed his examination to become a Certified Public Accountant. He has been trying to pass the test since 1988.

 Thursday, February 4, 1999

�  Sister Joslyn Wright was slightly injured in an auto accident today. She had just completed all of the details involved in renewing the church's van insurance, tag renewals and van inspection.While driving the church van she crossed Louisville Avenue proceeding South when an East Bound car ran a red light and slammed into the side of the van. It knocked her out of  the seat and onto the floor.

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