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Jun 22 to October 11, 1999

Monday, October 11, 1999

Our men met for prayer this morning. They were led by Brother John Hall, who heads our men's ministry at the church. Chief Jimmy Bryant, Pastor Wright and Nathan Thornton were also present.
Today our church family received the shocking news that Tamara Riley, the 27 year old daughter of William and Ruthie Riley died suddenly. She was rushed to St. Francis Medical Center but was dead on arrival. As news spread, shocked members and friends filed into the hospital conference room to join Pastor Wright and family members, including Patricia Blunt, Johnetta Hunter, Jacques Hall, Mildred James and Beverly James. Tamara had not been ill and was lively. She was talking to a friend on the phone at home when she collasped. Her death marks the second young adult death this year. The first was Uganda Kyles who was 23.

Sunday, October 10, 1999

Today pastor Wright preached from the subject "Bloopers."  The ULM-4 Him" crusade began this afternoon at the church. Brian Reed preached from the subject "Knowing Christ for Yourself." There were about 85 people in attendance for the afternoon service.
The youth choir practiced today for Saturday's musical.
There were 51 students in attendance at the Leadership School session tonight. The Dean, Pamela Tanzy, thanked everyone for their attendance.

Saturday, October 9, 1999

There was considerable activity around the church today. Our scouts met this morning. They were were given a presentation on safe use of firearms by Pastor Wright. He emphasized that weapons were dangerous and should be used only for target practice and self defense. He raised eyebrows when he said even hunters who kill animals for sport violate sacred vows not to murder. Scouts were taken to the rifle range where they were given further instruction in safe, legal use of firearms by Deacon Fred Mitchell, Lanore Williams, and Fred Mitchell, Jr. There were 33 scouts in attendance.
The youth choir rehearsed for the upcoming musical today. There was a full choir stand. As they rehearsed in the auditorium the youth orchestra rehearsed in the dining room.
This evening the "Tab Tots" rehearsed. There were 19 children in the group being coordinated by Debra Ratcliff and LaShondra Culpepper.
The Adult Choir rehearsed today for the upcoming musicial in November. The spirit was high at the rehearsal.

Friday, October 8, 1999

The choir rehearsed tonight. Despite the driving rain, there was a good turnout.
Patricia Blunt prepared brochures for the "Awakening" today. Thousands are being prepared for distribution by members on their jobs, at school and in the work place.
Pastor and Sister Wright returned from Hot Springs today.

Thursday, October 7, 1999

Pastor and Sister Wright toured the Mountain Tower in Hot Springs. They treated themselves to baths in the Hot Springs and massages.
The choir and male chorus rehearsed today.

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

Pastor and Sister Wright visited Hot Springs Arkansas today, courtesy of the church Pastor's Aide Club. Hot Springs, childhood home of Bill Clinton, is a quaint small town that attracts national visitors who usually drink or bathe in its mineral waters before they leave. Throughout the town there are large public fountains of mineral water free for public consumption. Residents and visitors fill jugs by the individual jug or even by truck loads.  Today they visited shops in Hot Springs that displayed dolls and antiques. In addition, they visited several of the famous Bath Houses in the National Park and watched a film about African-American involvement in the development of Hot Springs Bath Houses. For lunch they dined on saut´┐Żed pork chops, catfish, black eyed, peas and turnip greens, capped off with a huge bowl of fresh hot Blackberry Cobbler and vanilla Ice Cream.  Tonight they dined at the Hamilton House, a five star restaurant, on a meal of huge Louisiana Shrimp, filet mignon, chicken pasta, gumbo and other specialties.  They retired to the Gable's Inn, a bed and breakfast hostel, housed in an elaborately restored ante-bellum home.

Monday, October 4, 1999

Our men met for prayer this morning. It was very inspirational

Sunday, October 3, 1999

Today pastor Wright preached from the subject "And Now A Word From Our Sponsor."
Sister Dovecenie McDonald was honored by the residents of the Oaks Nursing Home as the Resident of the month. She was saluted for her cooperative spirit, and participation in all resident activities. Sister McDonald attended services Sunday and recognized in the service.
The church leadership school resumed tonight. There were 43 in attendance. It was a fun filled evening as everyone learned and had fun at the same time.
Tab-N-Action volunteers closed out the fair booth tonight. Among others who volunteered over the 10 days were: Nathan Thornton, Catherine Jackson, Mildred James, Jacqueline Johnson, Deacon Robert Tanzy, Charles Augustine, Connie Dawkins and Deacon James Ratcliff.

Monday, September, 27, 1999

The ministers of our church met today to finalize plans for the Fall Awakening which begins Sunday. For six weeks our congregation intensifies its evangelism efforts with six weeks of activity, prayer, praise and witnessing. As usual, the associate ministers of the church play a large role in implementing the Awakening ministry.
Marlene Ross sent emails today thanking members of the church for prayers. She reported positive test results. She said she was overwhelmed by the number of email get well wishes she received from her "Cyber" church family. Sister Ross is a member of our  congregation through the internet. She keeps up with Tabernacle, supports the church financially and helps our Circle of the Chosen. She lives in Lake Charles. She called the "TAB" responses.."awesome!"
Included among the members helping with the fair booth over the weekend was Debra Ratcliff and Lanore Williams,  Deacon Floyd Brothers, Nannette Brothers and Deacon Jamie Mayo.

Sunday, September 26, 1999

Pastor Wright preached today from the subject "The the will to pay the bill." Dorothy and Claude Minor's two daughters acknowledged Christ and officially joined the church today as candidates for baptism.
There were 41 new members fellowshipped into the congregation today. It was an awesome sight to see so many new faces at one time. Many took their first communion today.
Sunday School promotion day was observed today. Jacques Hall was the featured speaker.
Beverly Millikin was able to attend worship today. She has been recuperating from a recent surgery. Brother Earling "Paw Paw" Little, Jr. also attended worship today. He even marched around to fellowship the new members.
Our church family shared with the Progressive Baptist Church today. They saluted their pastor for two years of service. Pastor Wright preached from the subject "Let's talk about the preacher!" Our choir was out in full number as well as the ushers. Both the choir and ushers were complimented by Progressive members for their spirited participation.
Our puppet team shared in a back to school activity with the New St. James Baptist Church on Richwood Road today.
Brenda "Josh-Omega" James thanked the congregation for its prayers and support in her successful bid to become Miss Wossman.

Saturday, September 25, 1999

The Funeral service for Brother Larry James was held today at the Miller Funeral Home Chapel. Pastor Melvin Franklin gave the eulogy. Larry was the brother of the late Joe James, a former deacon at Tabernacle. Larry was a member of First Baptist Church. Many of the James Clan came home for the funeral services. Little Joe James told family members that each of them should try harder to get their lives in order and know the Lord. There were several members of the church that shared with family prior to and during the services.
The Church puppet team traveled to Bastrop today for a puppet show in the Bastrop Park. There was a great feeling of excitement in the crowd. Afterwards the team treated themselves to pizza at Ce Ce's pizza house.
Adrian Bass, the grandnephew of pastor Wright, was featured in a News Star article about safety at the fair. He said people should keep their arms and hands inside the rides and obey the rules.

Friday, September 24, 1999

The Top Gun Scouts opened their booth at the fair today. The troop is sponsored by our church community service organization, "Tab-N-Action, Inc." Parents and supporters operate the booth to pay the insurance of the troop's highway bus and school bus. They carry $1 million in liability insurance. Many of our members work long hours selling Chitlin's and Greens to insure the buses. Today began the first day. Included among those out today were: Fred Mitchell, Janet Mitchell, Joslyn Wright, Angela Mayo, Ruby Washington and Brenda Knott. They joined other scout parents in the 10 day marathon.

Thursday, September 23, 1999

Pastor Wright was among among four recipients of the "Whitney Young" Service Award from the Local Boy Scout Council. The award was given by the Ouachita Valley Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Also saluted was Deacon Robert Tanzy, Sr.  Other Tabites involved in the activity included Nathan Thornton who co-ordinated the activity for the BSA, his wife, Patricia Blunt and Judge Larry Jefferson. There were many Tabernacle members in the audience including former Top Gun Scout Master Julius Ralph Taylor, Sr.

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

About 41 of our new members came out tonight to listen as Pastor Wright explained the church covenant. They will be fellowshipped on Sunday. He went through the covenant in detail explaining its various parts. There were many who volunteered for committees at the end of the session.
The Leonards continued their family tradition of  having a family dinner every Wednesday night. Good food and fellowship has been a tradition in the Leonard family for years.

Monday, September 20, 1999

Funeral services for Clarence Taylor were held today at the Richardson Funeral Home. Several of his relatives were present. Members of the church usher board came to pay their last respects as well as deacons Clark, Mitchell, Tanzy, and Lyons. Rene Broadnax sang "Sweet Spirit." Pastor Wright gave words of comfort. He urged the family to "Look Up" from Psalm 121. After the services a dinner was served to family members at the church. The committee was headed by Sister Doris Jean Welch.
Marlene Ross, our cybermember from Lake Charles, sent a condolence to the Taylor family and expressed her sympathy.

Sunday, September 19, 1999

 Pastor Wright preached today on the subject "The Water and The Blood." There were six members who united with the congregation today. Sister Lottie Johnson and Ozelle Taylor were at worship today. They both looked like they had never been sick and were very spry!
 Our congregation participated in the river baptizing at the Ouachita River today.  There were 42 persons baptized in one of the largest baptizings in recent years. Most of the candidates were from the New Tabernacle Baptist Church (33).
  Those Baptized were: Patience Phillips, Brittany Johnson, Kyron Jones, Kamari Green, Jasmine White, Robert Tanzy, Jr., Brittany Green, Jasmine Hall, Henrie White, Daniel Williams, Marcus Rolland, Catherine Rolland, Christopher Hennings, William Head, Ashley Hartwell, Patrice Leonard, Marlon Rolland, Irving Taylor, Antoine Clash, Marvin Rolland, Jeneka Leonard, Wynette Hawkins, Tomeca Long, Tiffany Brooks, Leslie McGinnis, Peggy Williams, Lenore Williams, Ida Harris, Natasha Jones, Shandrus Green, Micheal Powell, Stephanie Love, Willie B. McGinnis, Marvita James, Wilbert "Trey" Reed, III, Preston Love Simone Williams, Joce Hartwell, Kathleen Dixon, Charles Ray Ellis, Kathryn Brown and Brother Wilson.
     The water was just right and our congregation was moved at the historic nature of the baptizing. Among our deacons participating were: Brother Ceasar Clark, James Ratcliff, Floyd Brothers, Abe E. Pierce, III, and Donald "Fred" Mitchell. Our ministers prayed with converts before they took to the water. They included: Jacques Hall, and Quincy Millikin. Brother Robert Tanzy assisted pastor Wright in the baptismal ceremony.

Saturday, September  18,1999

Today, scouts will participate in a community service project. They will pick up paper along an adopted spot and other areas. They will be supervised by Jared Mayo, Bakari Guice, and James Cooper. Under  the supervisor of Fred Mitchell, Fred Mitchell,Jr., and Quincy Millikin.
Our puppet team performed today at the Green Oaks detention center. It was an enjoyable ministry. They were invited to come back.

Friday, September 17,1999

Sis. Lillie Savannah was discharged from the hospital  yesterday. She is at home.
Sis. Evelyn Burell had surgery yesterday.  She is in St. Francis Hospital. She is doing fine.

Thursday, September 16, 1999

There was a male chorus rehearsal today. Brother Andre McDade directed. Judge Larry Jefferson played the organ. Some of the men presence included Wilbert Reed, Jr., Carl King, Ceasar Clark, Floyd Brothers, and James Lyons
The puppett team practiced today. Attending the practice was Maurice Mitchell, Shemeka Zimmerman, Katrina Patterson and Reggie Robinson.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Bible study was held tonight. Pastor Wright taught the lesson on the ten commandments.
A meeting of members interested in the Visions Plan for 2025 was held to review the family ministry components. The family development section of the plan was read, discussed and corrected. Attending were: Lanore Williams, Ceasar Clark, Floyd Brothers, Debra Ratcliff, William Smith, Jeneatte Mitchell, Nannette Brothers and Pastor Wright.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

Dr. Claude Minor was featured in a News-Star article about doctors who provide the personal touch to their patient care. There was a big photo and complimentary article.

Monday, September 13, 1999

Our men met for prayer today. They prayed for the men of the church and for power over Satan.
The youth orchestra met for rehearsal tonight. Attending were: Jimmy Bryant, Jr., Marlon and Marvin Roland, Katrina Patterson, Jamal Smith, Broadway Smith, and Joanathan Smith.

Sunday, September 12, 1999

Pastor Wright preached today on the subject "A Grandparent's Blessing."  Natasha Jones united after the service. She was accompanied by Sister Jerridine Woods who invited her to our membership. She will be a candidate for Baptism.
After services today, pastor Wright met with about 20 of our baptismal candidates to prepare for next week's river baptizing.

Thursday, September 9, 1999

Pastor and Sister Wright treated the Mitchell's to a dinner at the Fabulous Shepherd's Restaurant in Clearwater Florida. The Mitchell's were celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary and Deacon Mitchell's birthday. Also attending the dinner were Brian Reed and Robert Tanzy.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999

Miss Sandra Frank, a graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, attended our bible study Wednesday night. She has been corresponding with pastor Wright on the internet sharing her interest in family development.  We were happy to have her fellowship.

Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Several of our members left for Tampa, Florida to participate in the election of a new president. Our church is a part of the Louisiana delegation. Our state convention voted to support Dr. William Shaw. Leaving today were: Deacon Donald Fredrick Mitchell and his wife Jeanette, Deacon Robert Tanzy and Minister Brian Reed.

Sunday, September 5, 1999

Today Jacques Hall brought the sermon in the absence of Pastor Wright. Her sermon came from St. John 5 Chapter Verses 1-9.  Her sermon topic was "Wilt Thou Be Made Hold."  It was a very spiritual and intense worship service. God was glorified and people rejoiced.
Brother Earling Little, father of  Sister Brenda Kyles and Brother Poe, father of Sister Carolyn Taylor  is out of the hospital. .
Beverly Milkin is still in North Monroe Hospital but she is doing fine.  Lottie Mae Johnson and Mr. Allen are still in the hospital.

Saturday, September, 4, 1999

Ms, Lottie Mae Johnson is still in St. Francis Hospital, also Mr. Frank Allen, and Beverly Millikin is still in North Monroe Hospital.

Friday, September 3, 1999

Pastor and Sister Wright left for Tampa Florida today to attend the National Baptist Convention.
Beverly Millikin had surgery today. She is recovering

Thursday, September 2, 1999

Mr. Walter Allen was admitted to the St. Francis Hospital today.

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Ms. Lottie Mae Johnson took ill today.  She was taken to St. Francis Hospital.
William Smith taught Bible Study today. Among those in attendance were: Bobbie Smith, Lanore Williams, Jo Ella Williams, Robert Tanzy, Pamela Tanzy, Robert Tanzy Jr, Floyd Brothers, Nannette Brothers, James Ratcliff, Deborah Ratcliff, Janie Reed, and Barbara Reed.

Sunday, August 29, 1999

Pastor Wright preached today on the subject " Peculiar People."  It was the close of the annual retreat. Most of our members were dressed casually. All the ministers, including pastor Wright were dressed in tee-shirts.
The male chorus sang in a powerful way. The spirit was high. Even the young people rose to their feet to sing with them as the sang many of the more current and popular songs. The male chorus was directed by Andre' McDade and Judge Larry Jefferson Shirley Sapp served as musicians.
Eight  individuals to joined church today. The following people joined church Stephanie Luss and her baby daughter Stephan, Patrice Leonard, Jineka Leonard, Joyce Hartwell,   Ashley Hartwell, Bobby Kyles, Michael Robinson, and Sammy Cooper. Micheal Robinson, and Gia Moton came to ask the church for prayer.

Sunday, August 22, 1999

Today there was a fine worship service. Brian Reed preached today. His subject was "You don't know nain." He encouraged youth not to allow Satan confound the spirit within them because it stirs up their gifts.
After worship the youth choir remained for almost two hours rehearsing for the musical in October.
Eight members joined our church fellowship today.
Saturday, August 21, 1999

The church puppet team shared its ministry with the Rose of Sharon Baptist Church youth this morning. They were having their youth retreat. They immediately left and shared with the Hope United Methodist Church in their youth retreat. The team members had a great time. They had snowballs to cool off from the heat. Participating in Saturday's ministry were: Jessica Hall, Stephanie Broadnax, J.R. Bryant, Maurice Mitchell, Reggie Robinson, Adrian Bass, Katrina Patterson, Marcus Allen, Jerome Perome Perkins and Derrick Perkins.
The youth choir rehearsed today for its annual musical. There were about 30 youth present. Excitement was high.

Friday, August 20, 1999

A planning meeting was held tonight for the annual youth retreat which will be held next weekend in Calhoun. The two day event has grown from an overnight sleepover to a full family retreat. The dining hall was packed with parents and volunteers who will do everything from teach to cooking. A special T-Shirt has been ordered, text books acquired, talent, guests, etc.
Fred and Jeanette Mitchell are out of town today. They took a ladies baseball team to Tulsa Oklahoma on the Scout Highway Bus.

Thursday, August 19, 1999

The male chorus practiced this evening. There were many men who came from Progressive, Newlight and other churches to sing with our chorus. Brother McDade was disappointed because the visitors outnumbered our men.
The puppet team met to practice today. They will do two routines Saturday. One for Rose of Sharon and another for Hope United Methodist.
Lanore Williams began her first day as the church's secretary today.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

About 75 of our members gathered here tonight to hear the first sermon of Quincy Millikin. His topic was "No Limit Soldiers." He made the point that there is no limit to what God can do, but there are people who put limits on God. An offering was collected for him and there were well wishers.
Brother William Smith taught the bible class tonight. It was interesting.

Sunday, August 15, 1999

There were many visitors during worship Sunday. Pastor Wright  preached from the subject "Dealing with look bad/feel bad situations"

Saturday, August 14, 1999

Today the church gathered for the homegoing service of  Uganda Kyles. There was a standing room only crowd. The choir, composed of singers 23 years old and under, overflowed the choir stand. The service was high spirited with upbeat music, just the way Uganda would have like it. Pastor Wright preached her funeral from the subject: "When God Hyphenates Your Life!"

Friday, August 13, 1999

A Wake service for Uganda Kyles was held today. There were about 150 people present for the brief service. Sister Mildred James spoke about Uganda, who she referred to as my "Ghandi." She spoke of  Uganda's last week,  in which she told everyone that she was going home on Friday. On Friday August 6th she did just that. Pastor Wright reflected on the amusing moments of her life such as when she stood on a box to say Easter speeches or the times she did splits as a church cheerleader. He praised the Kyles family and urged everyone to give God thanks. The ushers served a delicious repass after the services.

Thursday, August 12, 1999

The men met for male chorus practice today. They will sing on the 5th Sunday. Several visitors from other churches also attended.

Sunday, August 8, 1999

Pastor Wright preached today. His topic was "Reaping What You Sow".
Our congregation is still regrouping after hearing of the homegoing of Uganda Kyles. Emotions were high. Her brother, Bobby Kyles II sang "His eye is on the sparrow." Her other brother, Osaro Kyles was on the drums as usual. It must have been difficult for them to continue their service as usual even before the sister was buried, but the family says it is satisfied that God's will has been done. So be it!
Pastor Wright treated the Liturgical Dancers and T.V. crew to dinner today at Picadilly restuarant. They had a ball and stuff themselves. The bill? $128.

Friday, August 6, 1999

Our members returned from the Youth Encampment today. They did well. They received trophies as Best in State in Basketball, Drama, Liturgical Dance.
We learned that Uganda Kyles had taken a turn for the worse while returning to Monroe. The group sped down the highway in effort to unload and then get to the hospital in Shreveport to give support to Sister Kyles. Before they were able to make their arrival however, news came that Uganda had died. There were tears shed and prayers given for the Kyles family.

Sunday, August 1, 1999

Today, brother William Smith preached in pastor Wright's absence. Nearly all of our ministers were out of pocket today. Jacques Hall was in Atlanta at the T.D. Jakes sponsored women's conference. Brian Reed, and Robert Tanzy were with Pastor Wright in Baton Rouge. Minister Smith did a great job as usual.

Saturday, July 31, 1999

About 40 of our members left today enroute to the Youth Encampment at Southern. We used three vans, a trailer and several cars to transport our youth. We had cricle prayer and departed. Once on site we help pastor and sister Wright set up the registration area.

Friday, July 30, 1999

Our puppet team performed their new show "Bling, Bling" at the Unity Church of God in Christ. The audience loved the presentation.
Sunday, July 25, 1999

Today there was a very spirit filled worship. Pastor Wright preached from the sjubject "Laughing when you feel like crying"
A new member Samoan Williams joined our congregation today.
Many members of our congregation traveled to Shreveport today to visit Uganda Kyles who is being tested for a recurring illness.

Saturday, July 24, 1999

The youth choir rehearsed today.
Uganda Kyles was rushed to the Conway Hospital after taking ill.

Sunday, July 18, 1999

Today was homecoming Sunday. We enjoyed the preaching and singing today. Pastor Wright preached from the subject, "The Last Homecoming." We raised over $9,300 for the homecoming effort.

Thursday, July 15, 1999 

There was plenty of fellowship and food tonight as members gathered at the church for an informal old fashion homecoming fellowship, talent show and eat out. The activity was place by the homecoming committee and was chaired by Lavargne Gunn-Ford. Among the activities were:
Natalie Williams performed a reading from a play written by Pastor Wright.
Jacques Hall  inspired the group with a stirring song
Harolyn Hall and her daughters sang a song. Little John stood with them until the last note of the song. They handed him the microphone and he sang the last words of the song very loudly, much to surprise.
Joyce Simmons and her family gave a very unique welcome to the members including a welcome song sung to the tune of Happy Birthday to you.
Elizabeth Gunn-Ford shared the occasion in her very command and dramatic way.
The Bryants, Welch's, Minors and others joined together and sang "Sweet Spirit". Dr. Minor played the bass guitar and Sister Bryant played the piano. (She plays very well).
The Mildred James family performed a liturgical dance (Mildred made the introductions). However, all eyes were on little Sierra James who simply stole the show from her cousins.
A skit, revised for the occasion by Lavargne Gunn-Ford was performed. It was hilarious. It was called "This train is bound for glory." It was about several church types who were supposedly on their way to heaven. Sister Lyons played the part of a  Christian woman that always asked by others to move to the back of the bus, which she did without complaining. Many of the characters included: A penny pincher (Mrs. McGinnis), the church boss (Sister Gunn-Ford) and a variety of others played by Lenore Williams, Mildred James, Doris Welch, Florence Fields, Beverly Millikin, Rene Broadnax, Nannette Brothers, Patricia Blunt, and Pamela Tanzy. Robert Tanzy was the conductor and each of the no good church members were invited to get off, much to their surprise at "West Hell", "East Hell","Middle Hell", and "Devil's Bend" for the arrogance, worldly lives and Unchristianlike manner. The only character left on the train bound for glory was the Christian, (Dorothy Lyons). That didn't sit well with the church boss (Dr. Ford) who said, "How is she going to heaven? She won't have anyone to boss her and tell her what to do?"   The play was hilarious.
The Benjamin Lyons family sang "I Am" lead by Terrizlyn. Pastor Lyons told the group that all of his family members seemed to have been blessed with singing ability except him. He introduced them and sat down.
The Beverly Millikin Family performed too. Beverly sang a solo with her granddaughter Alexis (looking just like her mother Deon) standing by her. Quincy Millikin performan an oration.
The Ralph Taylor family sang "Sweet Spirit." Carolyn, who is recovering from foot surgery told the whereabouts of all her children and asked for prayers.
The youth put together a group and sang "Certainly Lord" without music.
Joslyn Wright  read a dramatic reading from a book of poems by Daddy Ro (Roosevelt Wright, III). It was entitled "God's Gonna All of Y'all"
Rene Broadnax led the group in singing several old timey songs.
There were memories of  old things talked about. Sister Joe Ella Williams told the group about being a girl and riding the wagon around town. She called herself an antique referring to age. However, she forgot to mention that while antiques get fragile with age, they also increase in value.  Pastor Wright referred to times when people sat on their front porches and burned rags in cans to ward off the mosquitoes. As the the sun went down they fan smoke and mosquitoes as they talked into the night.
The night was topped off by some of the best home cooked food this side of heaven. Folks forgot about their diets. They stuffed themselves with a variety of meats, vegetables and sweets that must have added 10 pounds to everyone's waistline.  Nearly two hours after the program ended folks were still eating, fellowshipping and having a great time.
It was truly an old fashion homecoming celebration. Committee Chairperson Doris Welch and Sadie Cornelius out did themselves this year.

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Nearly 60 of our members fellowshipped with the Mt. Zion Baptist Church tonight. The congregation, pastored by Pastor Ike Byrd, invited us to share in the singing, pulpit, devotion and ushering ministries during their revival. Many of our leaders were present including Pastor Wright, Ministers Brian Reed and Robert Tanzy, Deacons: James Lyons, Floyd Brothers, Fred Mitchell and Ceasar Clark; Minister of Music Brenda Kyles, Our Choir President, Sister Ford and our Usher President Sister Taylor, all were present, including many young people. There were plenty of smiles and Amens for Pastor Mack's sermon "Move your but out of your way!"

Sunday, July 11,1999

Today pastor Wright preached from the subject "God uses four letter words!"
There were several guests singing with our choir today. They were officers in the Baptist Youth Encampment Ministry. They had plenty of power and sang with enthusiasm and spirit.
Sheri Henry and John Wheatley were married today in a ceremony that followed the church service. Following the ceremony they left for their honeymoon in a horse drawn carriage. Both of them are horse enthusiasts.

Saturday, July 10, 1999

Members of the Circle of the Chosen participated in the Bike For Christ marathon today. There nearly 150 bikers participating in the Bike-A-Thon. The idea was to ride through the community as a visible presence for Christ.  Pastor and Sister Wright rode bikes. Brother Abe E. Pierce participated (He rode in a car). The Bike-A-Thon began at Tabernacle and ended at the St. James Baptist Church.
Youth encampment officers from across the state came to Tabernacle today. They will spend the night tonight as they participate in a midnight prayer session. Brian Reed co-ordinated the activity.
Uganda Kyles came home from the hospital today. She was in the hospital in Shreveport for about eight days.
Sister Ozelle Taylor is home from the hospital. She is recovering.

Thursday, July 9, 1999

Top Gun Troop 65 returned from their nine day summer trip today. This year's trip carried them through the central United States. They were treated to a picnic in Detroit by the Martha Reeves and Vandellas and Katherine Anderson of the Marvellettes. The learn-fun trip is a pivotal part of the Top Gun program, which attempts to complement the education of youth participants through study, travel and discipline building activities. Among the members in the 40 member group were: Pastor and Sister Wright, Robert Tanzy and his son little Robert, Gerald Wright, Derek Addision, Fred Mitchell, Maurice Mitchell, Marvin and Marlon Roland, and Virdell

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