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Mar 4, to Apr 21, 1999

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

About 15 of our youth were present at Teacher's Meeting tonight. They will be teaching Sunday School Sunday morning. Pastor Wright taught the lesson and tried to make it easy for them to understand and teach to others.
The Usher's Anniversary program was held tonight. Our choir sang. The welcome was given by Sister Cassandra Davis, Occasion by Sister Brenda Sims and the history was given by Debra Ratcliff. The president, Mary Taylor, thanked everyone for their attendance and offerings of over $1,300. Pastor Wright preached. His subject was "If you want to know an usher"

Monday, April 19, 1999

Our men met for prayer this morning. The number was smaller than usual, but the prayers were moving.
It was reported that Sister Donna Lewis was hospitalized in St. Francis. We offered prayer for her recovery today.
Circle members practiced today. Pastor Wright was fussing because several had not learned their scriptures completely.

Sunday, April 18, 1999

Today there was a salute given to Pastor Wright sponsored by the Pastor's Aide Club. It is his 23rd anniversary as pastor. He also served four years as youth minister at Tabernacle between 1970-74. There was a musical tribute from the choir led by Rene Lyons Broadnax. A viola tribute was given by J.R. Bryant and a history of Pastor Wright's life was read by Natalie Williams, Jerridine Woods, and Katrina Thornton. Pastor Wright was given a salute from family members, a gift from the Pastor's Aide Club and a special gift which was an all expense paid vacation to Hot Springs Arkansas with spending money too boot. After the church service the Pastor and Sister Wright were taken in a limosine to an exclusive dinner at the Red Lobster, where he was joined by 70 members of the church. He thanked members of the church. He gave special thanks to his board of deacons, which he described as a "dream team."  The pastor said if God gives him an idea, his board is working to find ways to make it happen even while he's thinking about it!
Sister Ruth Cook was at church today. She was dressed in red and blue. She looked great!
Today Pastor Wright preached from the subject "Dogggie Bag Blessings."
We had special guests today from Baton Rouge. Sister Johnnie Lyons and her drama team performed for us. They did an excellent job that really thrilled our members.
Deacons James Ratcliff, Fred Mitchell and Floyd Brothers along with their wives made sick calls today. They carried communion to our shut-ins. They took a photograph with Mother Viola Hill. Brother Ceasar Clark and James Lyons visited shut-ins as well.

Saturday, April 17, 1999

It was chilly today. Folks were wearing coats.
Our guests from Baton Rouge, Mrs. Johnnie Lyons and her puppet team came in today. Our member, LaTonya Howard a Holidome manager, arranged two rooms for their stay. They tutored our new puppet ministry today. They had fun learning. On the team are: Natalie Williams, Gia Moton, Jared Mayo, Maurice Mitchell, Donecia Ratcliff, J.R. Bryant, Katrina Patterson, Niki Broadnax.  After the rehearsals the entire group, including guests were treated to dinner at Ryan's Steak House. Our youth entertained guest youth with a night of skating at Skate Town.
Our homeless ministry shared with the homeless surrounding our church today. A hot meal consisting of Spaghetti, beans, corn, rolls and soft drink was prepared by this week's ministry workers that was led by the Senior Usher Board. The Senior Ushers turned out in near full force with aprons and cooking attire. It tasted real good, even though sister Evans said it took ten of them to come up with one recipe. That's microwave moms! Pastor Wright said it tasted so good he felt like getting in line with bing served so he could get leftovers! Each auxiliary pitches in and helps feed the homeless in our neighborhood. It is so great to see the beautiful team work of the ushers as the work together in unity, love and cooperation.
Luxola Green Williams came to work today for her first day as the pastor's new administrative aide. Keeping up with Pastor Wright will be a tough job....good luck Luxola!
The circle practiced rifle drill today. Mr. Williams cut the number again yesterday. It has been sliced from 30 to 15. Only the best will make the cut as all competiton groups are narrowed down for Saturday's first round tournaments in Shreveport. Pastor Wright sent word that all basketball players had to have all 50 scriptures memorized or they would not play. He said the real game is in the memorization of the Word. He urged circle members to be Christians at all time. Do their best and show appreciation to others that have done their best in the tournaments.

Friday, April 16, 1999
 Today the Pastor's Aide Club met to plan a program to celebrate the pastor's 23rd anniversary. They want to do something for him, but while he outgoing in most areas, he's extremely shy when it comes to attention focused on his personal accomplishments. He doesn't like appreciation programs. The club is determined to do it anyway. They've meeting for weeks to plan it. It was supposed to be a secret, but very little goes on at Tabernacle without the pastor's knowledge. They're having fun.
The William Warren Smith Family provided big, super sized home made hamburgers for the members of the Circle of the Chosen after their drill rehearsal today. A home made hamburger is rare sight these days.
Heard from Marlene Ross. She's our Cyber member in Lake Charles. She wants to say hello to her deacon, Fred Mitchell. "Howdy!"

Sunday, April 11, 1999

Pastor Wright preached today. His sermon topic was "What could you possibly see in me?"  Reports from the marriage and singles retreat were given by Andre McDade and William Smith

Saturday, April 10, 1999 
The marrige and singles retreat of the church was held in Alexandraia today. There are about 22 couples and 15 singles attending the retreat. Everybody is excited about the retreat. Many of the new couples have said they are so encouraged to hear the experiences of those who have been married for many years.
There was so much emotion and good feeling. Tissues were passed out
That was the same feeling with the singles. They heard presenters showing them how to live holy and ended their day with a commitment service and speech by Mrs. Fannie Everfield.

Sunday, April 4, 1999

There was sunshine this morning. There was a storm last night. Today, there were many people present for Easter. Many of our regulars were out of town visiting their relatives in Texas, Mississippi and other cities. Pastor Wright preached "Put your eggs in the right basket." He had a basket of plastic eggs and one empty one as he made the point that many people are afraid to put all their eggs in the basket of God's trust.
The orchestra played today. They received a standing ovation.
There were Easter speeches given by our youth today. Ice creame and  snacks were served to children after the worship service.

Saturday, April 3, 1999

The orchestra rehearsed today. Just about everyone was present. They came to the church at 7:30 a.m. J.R. Bryant returned from Italy on a concert tour with his former high school. Katrina Patterson returned from a visit with her father. Others include: Sheena Davis and her brother Patrick; Jessica and Jasmine Hall, Vonthesia Hudson, Camille Bryant, Jamal Smith, Ahmad Smith, William Broadway Smith, III and his brother Jonathan; and Donecia Ratcliff.  Pastor Wright thanked the group for its efforts and led them in prayer that God would use them to testify of his son's resurrection. They are having a ball and have put in scores of hours of rehearsal.
The scouts went to the Mall today. The had a video game tournament and were treated to tacos and drinks. About 35 scouts attended.
James Lyons made another one of his mysterious appearances. He brought his mower and cut the church lawn for Deacon Mitchell who has not been well lately. Deacon Lyons is known for his long list of secret good deeds he does for others. (For years he secretly went to the J.S. Clark cemetery and cut large portions of it as a community service).

Friday, April 2, 1999

The orchestra rehearsed today. They are sounding better.
The seniors of our church were treated to a "Good Friday" dinner at the Picadilly restuarant today. It was a fun outing for everyone. They had plenty to eat and rode on the new church vans for the first time. Participating were: Joyanease Gill, O'Neal Bradley, and Janie Reed, Lottie Johnson, Sadie Cornelius, Doris Welch, Lucille Toston and Ceasar Clark. On hand was Deacon Fred Mitchell, Joslyn Wright and Pastor Wright.  All seniors were invited but only a few were able to attend. Sister Gill won the door prize which was a fuzzy doll. There was plenty of laughter and fellowship.

Thursday, April 1, 1999

Pastor and Sister Wright traveled with Dr. Lavargne Gunn-Ford and teachers from her school to Houston to observe a super elementary school there. They were getting ideas about our proposed school. We've been talking about it some time. The wheels were turning in Wright's head...pretty fast.
Mr. and Mrs. Prince Sparks became the proud parents of  baby girl today. Born at 6 pounds, Little Janie  Marie was just a little late making her arrival. She was scheduled to be born on March 17th.  Her grandmother Sherri Martin says, she's probably going to be a lot of fun because she waited to be born on April Fool's Day!

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

Bible study was taught by Pastor Wright. The details of the Sunday School lesson were discussed. There were several who commented on Jacques Hall's sermon from Sunday about her testimony relating to her accident. They were encouraged by the message.

Sunday, March 28, 1999

Jacques Hall preached today. Pastor Wright was out of  town. She was very inspirational.

Saturday, March 27, 1999

Our homeless ministry volunteers helped deliver food to the homeless today. They work very quietly but faithfully to see to it that those in need are fed regularly. There was a prayer or two along the way. There was witnessing too. It was rewarding.
Nine of  our members are in Alexandria today. They are attending the President's workshop of the Baptist Youth Encampment. Included in the group were: Latasha Zimmerman, Jessica Hall, Donecia Ratcliff, Jonathan Smith, Maurice Mitchell, Katrina Patterson, Pastor Wright, Deacon Tanzy, Nanette Brothers, Sister Wright and Freddie Perkins.  Jessica didn't feel well. Deacon Tanzy stayed up until 4 a.m. making sure that males did not venture into girls dormitories.

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Mrs. Dorothy Johnson returned home from the hospital today. Deacon Mitchell is still on the sick list.
Bible study was held tonight. Pastor Wright taught the class from John 4. There was a lively discussion about shacking. It was wild! There was prayer for our friends and sick members. Prayers were led by Jacqueline Johnson and Deacon Brothers.
The visions session was held. Patricia Blunt was slightly upset that only two of the eight vision groups had made their reports on time in writing as requested. Those present got the point.
The orchestra rehearsed tonight.
The Circle of the Chosen Drill squad met and rehearsed. There are about 30 teens in the Circle

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Mrs. Louvella Gary sent 3,800 pennies to the church for the youth scholarship penny drive. Mrs. Gary is 93 years old. She saves pennies to help the youth make their goal of 1 million pennies for scholarship fund. The youth have collected over 300,000 pennies so far. Mrs. Gary hopes to be around when the youth hit that 1 million penny mark.

Sunday, March 21, 1999

Today the attendance at the church service was great. A highlight of the service was a solo by the church drummer "Osaro Kyles."  He sang "My tribute" to a standing ovation.
One new member joined our fellowship today. His name is Micheal Johnson.
Pastor Wright preached the Lord's Supper message entitled "Shared Bread"

Saturday, March 20, 1999

The church orchestra practiced this evening.  Jamal Smith joined the group on alto Saxophone.

Thursday, March 18, 1999

The first rehearsal of the church orchestra was held tonight. Pastor Wright announced Sunday that he wants an orchestra ready for Easter Sunday. Tonight some of the church's musicians assembled. On Viola: J.R. Bryant, Vonthesia Hudson; Violins, Marvin Roland and Marvin Roland; Trombone: Patrick Davis, Flute, Shena Davis; B flat clarinet, Donecia Ratcliff and Leslie Davis; Alto Saxophone, Katrina Patterson and Gia Moton. Others are expected. They rehearsed "Up from the grave he arose." Pastor Wright directed initially. The group sounds good.
The equipment for the upcoming puppet ministry for the church has been arriving all week. Tonight it was set up in the auditorium with lights and staging to see how it looks.
The Circle of the Chosen met in memorization practice tonight.
Mr. Jamie Mayo hosted his birthday party at a local hotel tonight. It was a combination birthday party and political rally.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

The bible study was held tonight. There was considerable discussion about the requirements for baptism and its significance. The lesson was taught by Pastor Wright. Prayers were offered for Mrs. Dorothy Johnson, Louis Harris, Barabara Reed, and  Dorothy Minor. All members were asked to pray for this ill members as well.
The Circle of the Chosen met tonight. There was drill team practice. Mr. Terry Williams went over the drill routines. Much time and attention was spent on personal discipline. They practice the rifle routine.
Deacon Fred Mitchell took sick today and was taken to the North Monroe Community Hospital. A contingent of members camped out in the hospital waiting  room, until they learned that he was having a bout with the flu. He was given a shot, prescriptions and sent home with bed rest orders

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Our men met for prayer at the church yesterday. Our sick were remembered.
Dorothy Minor was reported sick today. The Minors were away on a vacation and she was reported ill upon her return.
Dorothy Johnson, mother of Jacqueline Johnson and Brenda Sims took ill and had to be hospitalized today. She is in North Monroe Hospital and was moved to SICU. She is having trouble breathing. Let's all pray for her.

Sunday, March 14, 1999

Our church met in worship today. We were presented a trophy by the Renaissance committee for our church's float in the Black Heritage Parade last month. There were 150 entries in the parade and 60 floats. The Tabernacle Float was one of the top four selected for honors. Debra Ratcliff received the trophy for our congregation.
Special prayers were offered today for Frank Allen and Dovecenie McDonald.
Pastor Wright preached "You Got me going in circles" today.

Saturday, March 13, 1999

There was a full house for Sister Broadnax's funeral. She would have been proud. The comments made by speakers were representative. They spoke of  her smile, loving and friendly way. Pastor Wright spoke on the subject "The measure of my days!" The reception was held at Clara Hall School.
The scouts ended their sleepover today. They fixed themselves homemade hash browns & sausages. Pastor Wright and Deacon spent the night at the church with the boys. The Mitchell family rushed to get the church clean for the Broadnax funeral.

Friday, March 12, 1999
Many members of the James family are in town today, preparing for the funeral of  Sister Broadnax tonight. There was a wake tonight. Several members of the Usher Board served food at the James house at the wake. Mrs. Carolyn Taylor and members of the obituary committee helped the family with the programs.
The Usher board met tonight. They made plans for their upcoming anniversary in April. Mrs. Mary H. Taylor was absent. She was out of the city. Lenore Williams carried on her her stead. There was a good turnout.
All week members of the Circle of the Chosen have been meeting and practicing. They have been learning bible scripture, practicing liturgical dance with Sister Beverly Millikin, Drill Squad with Brother Terry Williams and Cheerleaders as well. The group is growing in number and the youth are excited. J.R. is still sick. Natalie and Melanie were absent tonight.
There were 43 members of the church scout troop at the church all day today. The walked on a 10 mile hike in the rain. They returned to the church and camped out in the church and fixed their own food using two potatoes and ground beef. Mrs. Ruby Washington, Angela Mayo and Mrs. Joslyn Wright assisted in giving them cooking instructions.

Monday, March 8, 1999

Some of our men met to pray this morning. There were special prayers given for Mrs. Mildred James. Each man asked God to bless her family in their bereavement  of the loss of  Sister Broadnax. A comment by Brother John Hall encouraged those who participated. He told the men to avoid the "Samson Complex" this week. Losing strength by forsaking God. (Pastor Wright added--or laying your head in the wrong lap!)
It was reported the J.R. Byant and his sister Camille are both ill with a virus.
The Thorntons have the daughter at home from the Neo-natal intensive care unit. Praise the Lord!

Sunday March 7, 1999

Sister Broadnax is in God's hands. She passed today. Her funeral services are tentatively scheduled for Saturday March 13, 1999.
Our worship service today was spirit filled. Sister Kyles sang "I'm still here!" It was inspirational, including her testimony.  There were seven new members added to the congregation today. Pastor Wright preach "Do Not Disturb" from Mark 1:24

Saturday, March 6, 1999

The Circle of the Chosen members traveled to Ruston today to share with friends at the Zion Traveler's Baptist Church. About 30 people were in the group.
The scout troop met today. About 40 present. Pastor Wright spoke with boys about self sufficiency. He encouraged boys to be neat in the appearance independent in their thinking.
Mrs. Annie Broadnax is still in the hospital. She is not doing well.

Thursday March 4, 1999

A funeral service for Mrs. Charlotte Thomas is being held today at St. Paul. She is the aunt of Deacon James Lyons.
Several members of the Circle of the Chosen went to Alexandria last week. Vonthisha Wiley and Kenyon Dawkins learn puppetryWhile there they were taught how to us puppets in church ministry. Vonthesia Hudson and Kenyon Dawkins are at left. The group posed at right.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999

Bible study was held tonnight. Pastor Wright taught the lesson from John 1 about bearing witness to the light. the fellowship hall was filled. We won't be having bible study in the fellowship hall much longer. At the conclusion of the study Bakari Guice united with our church by letter.
The Visions Committee met tonight and map our plans to finalize the church's  25 year projections. Pat Blunt chaired the meeting. Some of those present included: Everett Green, James Ratcliff, Floyd Brothers, Ceasar Clark, Brenda Kyles, Tanisha Jolla, William Smith, Bobbie Smith and others.
Sister Annie Broadnax, the mother of Mildred James is in the hospital at North Monroe. We prayed for her tonight.

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