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May 24 to August 29, 2001

Wednesday August 29,2001
 Bible Study was taught by Pastor Wright from the topic"Jesus Works His First Miracle". We had about 40 people in attendance. We also had six of our youths from the Jump Start Program to come out and worship with us.

Monday August 27, 2001

  The men met at 7a.m. for prayer.
   Parents from Top Gun Troop 65 met at 7 p.m. for a brief meeting in reference on possibly having a booth at the Northeast Louisiana Fair or coming up with a fun raiser for the Boy Scouts, another meeting is schedule for September 11, 2001, at 7 p.m. at Tabernacle Baptist Church.

-- The Jump Start program began  today. Jump Start a board school operated by Tab-N-Action. It is a part of our 25 year vision plan which calls for us to promote educatio through establishment of a private school endeavor. 
   Jump Start operates out of a four bed room unit that has been donated by the Monroe Housing Authority to provide intensive tutorial care for up to 12 boys who have never been on the honor roll. 
   Sister Janet Davis helped devise the plan with assistance of Sandra Shaw. Connie Snowden is the professional who works with the center.
   We began today with six boarding students. Connie Snowden, Janet Davis , Pastor Roosevelt Wright, Joslyn Wright, Fred and Jeanette Mitchell, and Robert Tanzy Sr., are some of the adults that are helping with the program.

Sunday August 26, 2001

  Pastor Wright brought the sermon from the topic"Knowing God On A First Name Basis." A very inspirational message. We had three youths to unite with us Ashton Crane, Shedrakka Christopher, and Lazerrick Jackson, all candidates for baptism.

  The grand opening for our Jump Start program kicked off today. Our six parents along with Pastor Wright, Joslyn Wright, Robert Tanzy Sr., Connie Snowden, Janet Davis, Fred and Jeanette Mitchell were some of the people that attended the grand opening. This program is geared to help fifth grade boys that haven't made the honor roll make the honor roll just one semester and stay on the honor roll. 

Saturday August 25, 2001

  The Annual Back To School Retreat was held at Madison James Foster Elementary School . We had 125 individuals that participated in this activity. We held registration at 8 a.m. We had a wonderful time of  fellowship and learning about Jesus. Our theme this year was "Go Ye Therefore". We had wonderful instructors, we had Art, Youth Choir Rehearsal at 3 p.m. Bible Drill and also a Bible puzzle for all participants.
  Our tots went fishing (in a tub) and won wonderful prizes. We had a nice talent show. We had a enjoyable weekend learning to be a witness "Anywhere and Everywhere!!!! we go We Can Run and Tell That others that you know a man and his name is Jesus, and You are not ashamed to "Say His Name Say His Name, and you want be afraid to testify in the streets, or at school so "Don't Even Go There". 
   To wrap it up we had a beautiful time learning about God.


The Homeless Shelter still goes on every Saturday afternoon with chairperson Sister Jackie Johnson In the menu was: Peas/Okra, Hash, Corenbread, Watermelon, Cake, and Sodas. Those that participate were: Willie B. McGinnis, Wilma Smith, LuWonjia McClinton, Preston & Stephanie Love, and Christie Poe. We administer to 60 of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Friday August 24, 2001

Sister Catherine Jackson was released and is at home resting and doing fine.

Wednesday August 22, 2001

Bible Study was taught by Pastor Wright from the topic"Experiencing Sin's Consequences". In attendance were: Joslyn Wright, Ruby Brown, Lanore Williams, Jere Williams, Jasmine Williams, Amber Williams, Shakeeva Bishop, Tencia Bishop, Adairrus Colvin, Marcus Rolland, Brenda Omega James. Beverly James, Bridgette Hudson, Josepha Hudson, Tavares Wiley, Vonthesia Wiley, Barbara Reed, Janie Reed, Janet Davis, Harolyn Hall, John Hall Jr., Jessica Hall, Jasmine Hall, Stephanie Braodnax, Destiny Watson, Melanie Williams, Natalie Williams, JoElla Williams, Floyd Brothers, Dr. Claude Minor, Claude Minor Jr., Aierelle Minor, Erin Minor, Dalana Minor, Versie Larkin, Beverly Millikin, Jackie Johnson, Brenda Sims, Dorothy Johnson, Rhonda Zimmerman, Vanessa Evans, Pamela Tanzy, Robert Tanzy Sr., Robert Tanzy Jr., Shredrekka Christopher, Shalivia Christopher, Virdell Christopher, Jay Maxwell, Tony Hicks, Michelle Williams, Maurice Williams, Catherine Rolland, Marvin Rolland, Marlon Rolland, Anita Thomas, Aierelle Blueford, Angel Thomas, Brenda Ford, Mysheia Badger, Carolyn Taylor, Ashton Crane, Zakiyia Kyles, Camille Bryant, Monique Reese, and Quniton Snowden.

 The Obituary Committee met at 7 p.m. In attendance were: Doris Welch, Renita Bryant, and Sadie Cornelius.

 The Tabernacle Girl Scouts had a brief meeting at 7 p.m. concerning the uniforms. In attendance were: Deshantra Reed, Harolyn Hall,.Anita Thomas, Carolyn Taylor, Brenda Ford, and the chairperson Zakikya Kyles.

 The Tabernacle Senior Usher Board had a brief meeting at 7 p.m. concerning uniforms for the fall. In attendance were: Dorothy Johnson, Brenda Sims, Jackie Johnson, Lanore Williams, Pamela Tanzy, Vanessa Evans, Rhonda Zimmerman, and Janet Davis.

Sister Catherine Jackson had surgery at St. Francis Hospital. 

Monday August 20, 2001

  The men met at 7 p.m. for prayer. In attendance were: Chief Jimmie Bryant, Deacon Abe Pierce, Brother John Hall, and Deacon Ceasar Clark.

Sunday August 19, 2001

  Pastor Wright brought the sermon from the topic" A Prepared Table". A very inspirational message.

Saturday August 18, 2001

  The Homeless Shelter is still in fill swing with Sister Jackie Johnson as chairperson. In attendance were: Brenda Wade, and Vivian (Neicy) Jenkins. On the menu was: hot dog, chips, and sodas. We administered to 45 of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Adult choir rehearsal was held at 6 p.m.

Wednesday August 15, 2001

Pastor Wright taught Bible study from the topic "Accepting God's Judgment". In attendance were: Marvin Rolland, Amber Williams, Catherine Rolland, Marcus Rolland, Jasmine Wiliams, Virdell Christopher, Maurice Williams, Tony Hicks, Deanne Scott, Monique Reese, Shalivia Christopher, Shedrakka Christopher, Donecia Ratcliff, Jere Williams, Vonthesia Wiley, Marlon Rolland, Tavares Wiley, Pamela Tanzy, Robert Tanzy Sr., Robert Tanzy Jr., Addarius Colvin, Katrina Patterson, Nanette Brothers, Connie Snowden, Quinton Snowden, Levi Price, Ruby Brown, Fred Mitchell, James Ratcliff Sr., JoElla Williams, Natalie Williams, Bryiana James, Floyd Brothers, Ceasar Clark, Barbara Reed, Joslyn Wright, and Lanore Williams.


  Sister Shari Martin Wheatley is scheduled to have surgery today .Let's keep her in our daily pray. 

Tuesday August 14, 2001

  Sister Brenda Addison had surgery and is at home resting and doing fine. 

Monday August 13, 2001

  The men met at 7 a.m. for prayer. In attendance were: Brother Abe Pierce, and Chief Jimmie Bryant.

Sunday August 12, 2001

   Pastor Wright brought the sermon from the topic "The Rhythm and The Blues". A very encouraging message. 

Saturday August 11, 2001

Sister Jackie Johnson still gets the job done at The Homeless Street Shelter with the assistant of Sister Brenda Wade, and Vivian Jenkin. On the menu was: hot dogs, chips, and sodas. 

Monday August 6,- August 10, 2001

Our men met at 7 a.m for prayer.

  The North La Old Line Missionary Baptist Association classes and seminars begin at 5:00- 6:40 p.m. daily. From 6:50 - 7:25 p.m we had two sermons daily with a different Pastors. Monday night was the Junior Usher Convention, Tuesday night was the Senior Ushers Convention,Wednesday night was the Women's Conference, Thursday night Men's Conference, and Youth Musical which was dynamic. And Friday night was the president's hour. 
   Tabernacle members played important roles in the Association's annual session. Beverly Millikin directed the drama which was written by Pastor Wright. Pamela Tanzy taught a computer class. In addition, Pastor Wright chaired the minister's school. Robert Tanzy served as an advisor to the dean.
  There were nearly 600 per night at each night of the session.

Sunday August 5, 2001

Pastor Wright brought the sermon from the topic"Currency Exchange". A very inspirational topic. We had one person to unite with us Sister Connie Rolland the daughter of Sister Catherine Jackson.


Our 71st annual session of the North Louisiana Old Line Missionary Baptist Association kicked of at 5:00 p.m with a joint worship service. We had singing and a brief message on what to expect this week and also had communion.

Saturday August 4, 2001

 The Homeless Shelter ministry was in operation today.. In attendance were: Brenda Wade, and Vivian (Neicy) Jenkins. On the menu was: hot dog, chips, snack cakes, and sodas. We administered to 45 of our brothers and sisters in Christ.


  Sister Lorean Green Haney, sister of Deacon Ceasar Clark died July 31, 2001. Her funeral was held  at Mt. Zion Baptist Church were Pastor Ike Byrd officiated at 1:00 p.m. Several Tabernacle members were in attendance.

Sunday July 29- Friday August 3, 2001

  Today was registration for all Churches at the Louisiana Baptist Youth Encampment.from all three regions. This week we had dynamic preaching from preachers from all regions but the opening program was brought to us by our very own Pastor Roosevelt Wright. We had a beautiful  style show with youth modeling the proper attire for Church, prom and school. 

Saturday July 28, 2001

The Homeless Shelter still goes on every Saturday under the supervision of Sister Jackie Johnson. In attendance were: Rhonda Zimmerman, Brenda Wade, and Vivian (Neicy) Jenkins. On the menu was: Spaghetti and Meat Sauce, Mixed Vegetables, Toasted Bread, and Soda. We administered to 48 of our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Sister Joslyn Wright along with Sister Lanore Williams, Natalie Williams, Melanie Williams, Kita Wright, and Terrius Perkins traveled to Baton Rouge preparing and setting up for a week of studying and witnessing to everyone about God and all he have done for us. 

Pastor Roosevelt Wright officiated the funeral of Sister Scellia Bulter Tanzy the mother of Minister Robert Tanzy Sr. today at the Hester Central State Funeral Home.

Thursday July 26, 2001

  The Tab Teens Liturgical Dancers, Bible Drill Team , and Cheerleader met at 6 p.m. for final rehearsal before Youth Encampment schedule for July 29, 2001- August 3, 2001. at Southern University in Baton Rouge.

Wednesday July 25, 2001

  Bible Study was taught by Pastor Wright from the topic"High Expectations". In attendance were: Jasmine Williams, Catherine Rolland, Marcus Rolland, Amber Wiliams, James Ratcliff, Jr., James Ratcliff, Sr., Floyd Brothers, Natalie Williams. Ivory Jo Williams, JoElla Williams, Destiny Waston, Michelle Williams, Jere Williams, Caesar Clark, I.B. January, Maurice Williams, Virdell Christopher, Marlon Rolland, Marvin Rolland, Theolanda Rolland, Latasha Zimmerman, Genva Zimmerman, Fred Mitchell, Jeanette Mitchell, Maurice Mitchell, Vonthesia Wiley, Shedrakka Christopher, Shalivia Christopher, Brandon Pollard, Tavares Wiley, Pamela Tanzy, Robert Tanzy, Sr., Robert Tanzy, Jr., Connie Dawkins, Lauren Dawkins, Julian Christopher Dawkins, Keyon Dawkins, DeQuinton Dawkins, Delana Minor, Marvita James, Deann Scott, Yolanda Scott, Monique Reese, Malinka Reese, Althea Reese, Rhonda Zimmerman, Constance Snowden, Donecia Ratcliff, Joslyn Wright, and Lanore Williams.


Sister Joslyn Wright Youth Director met with the Tab Teens parents at 7 p.m. for a brief meeting in reference to B.Y.E. We discussed the guidelines for B.Y.E. 


The Tab Teen Bible Drill Team met at 7 p.m. for rehearsal. In attendance were: Jere Williams, Maurice Mitchell, Marvin Rolland, Marlon Rolland, Vontheisa Wiley, Tavares Wiley, Shedrakka Christopher, Shalivia Christopher, Virdell Christopher, and Keyon Dawkins.


Prayer was offered for all our sick and shut in members. Added to the list was Sister Ruby Brown, and Sister Aierelle Minor who is in North Monroe Hospital. Minister Robert Tanzy's mother Sister Cellie Tanzy died last Friday July 20, 2001. and her funeral is schedule for July 28, 2001 at Hester Funeral Home Pastor Wright will be officating. 

Tuesday July 24, 2001 

The Tab Teens met at 5 p.m. for rehearsal in attendance were: Donecia Ratcliff, LaTasha Zimmerman, Deann Scott. Shalivia Christopher, Shedrakka Christopher, Virdell Christopher, Maurice Williams, Maurice Mitchell, Jere Williams, Michelle Williams, Brandon Pollard,Monique Reese, DeQuinton Dawkins, Lauren Dawkins, Marlon Rolland, Marvin Rolland, and Vonthesia Wiley. Adults in attendance were: Joslyn Wright, Pastor Wright, Debra Ratcliff, and Lanore Williams.

Monday July 23, 2001

  The men met at 7 a.m. for prayer.


  The Tab Teens met at 2 p.m at The Tab -N- Action Activity Center for a final instructions for Baptist Youth Encampment scheduled for July 29, 2001 - August 03, 2001. Sister Joslyn Wright , Sister Naomi Seals, and Pastor Wright the adults in attendance.


  Tryouts for the drama  for Association  were held at Tabernacle Baptist Church at 6 p.m. Beverly Millikin was in charge.

Sunday July 22, 2001

  Pastor Wright brought the sermon from the topic" The Hiding Place". a very inspirational message.

Saturday July 21, 2001

   The Homeless Shelter Ministry continued this weekend with Sister Jackie Johnson and Christopher Wade who ministered at the shelter. On the Menu were: hot dogs, chips, potato salad, green beans, and sodas.


Youth rehearsal was held at 3 p.m. with Robert Wright in charge.


Youth Choir rehearsal for the Old Line Association was held at 4 p.m at Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Thursday July 19, 2001

The State Convention wrapped up it's session with a youth rally at 6 p.m. at Carroll High School they were youth/ adults from all areas that attended.

Wednesday July 18, 2001

Bible Study was taught by Pastor Wright from the topic"Rejected Love". In attendance were 37 individuals.

Tuesday July 17, 2001

The State Convention continue with classes for the youth and adults. All the youth classes was taught at Carroll Jr. and Carroll High School. Some of the adult class were held at First Baptist Church, Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Monday July 16, 20001

The men met for prayer at 7 a.m.


The State Convention was in town this week The general assblembly was at Carroll Jr. High and Carroll High School. We had about 30 youth and 7 adult in attendance .

Sunday July 15, 2001

Pastor Wright brought the sermon from the topic " Looking for A Home In A City of Mansions". A very inspirational message. We had one person to unite with us under watch care Sister Betty J. Blunt.

Saturday July 14, 2001

The homeless shelter was in full swing with Sister Jackie Johnson chairperson. On to minister at the shelter were: Sister Alma Jean Leonard Moore and her family. She prepared a fantastic meal for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Others that assisted her were: Brenda Wade, and Neicy Jenkins.


  Adult Choir rehearsal was held at 6:00 p.m. Under the direction of Robert Wright.


  The Bikes for Christ bike a thon was in fill swing today. We had participates from all over. It was about 300 individuals that participated. We had youth of all ages and many adults that participated. We even had our Interim Mayor Jamie Mayo, and Judge Tammie Lee to ride with us. Tabernacle won a trophy for have the most participates and St.Paul had the second runner for participates. We all fellowship at Called Park with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, water, and soda. We had a beautiful fellowship with our sisters and brothers in Christ. 

Wednesday July 11, 2001

Mid-Week service was taught by Pastor Wright from the topic "Broken Vows" in attendance were 37 individuals.

Tuesday July 10, 2001

  Pastor and Mrs. Wright and the Boy Scout/Explorers returned to Monroe after a nine day adventure that was filled with learning sites, swimming, shopping and fun ,fun, fun !!!!!!!!!!! Other adults were: Fred Mitchell, and Minister Robert Tanzy Sr.

Monday July 9, 2001

The men met at 7 a.m. for prayer.

Sunday July 8, 2001

  In the absence of Pastor Wright who was out of town for the 2001 D.C. Tour our Church service was conducted by Minister Brain Reed, from the topic "Who Needs More Wine". a very uplifting message.

Saturday July 7, 2001

The Homeless Shelter was in full swing with Sister Jackie Johnson chairperson. On to minister at the shelter were: Willie B. McGinnis, Michelle Williams, Amber Williams, Jasmine Williams, Lanore Williams, Caesar Clark, Neicy Jenkins, Alexandria Lawson, Mr. Arthur, Apolyna Williams, others that donated items were: Doris Welch, Oneal Watson, Carolyn Washington, and Marteal Riley. On the menu was: chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, bread, cakes, and soda.


Adult Choir rehearsal was held at 6:30 p.m. under the direction of Robert Wright. 

Friday July 6, 2001

Sister Sadie Cornelius returned from California after a month and a half of relaxation. Welcome back Mrs. Cornelius.

Monday July 2, 2001

The men met at 7 a.m for prayer.

Sunday July 1, 2001

Pastor Wright brought the sermon from the topic "Bought With A Price." We had one individual to unite with us under watch care, Sister Lorene Edwards.


  Boy Scout/Explorers met at 12 a.m at The New Tabernacle Baptist Church  for nine days of a learning experience and fun in Tuskeegee Alabama, Montgomery Alabama, Atlanta Georgia, Washington D.C. were they will visit the National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, The Vietnam Wall, The Smithsonian Institution Museums, which included the National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of African American Art, The National Museum of American History, The FBI Headquarters, The White House, The Unknown Solider Sites, The tomb of President John F. Kennedy, and Frederick Douglass National Historic Site in Anacostia. On our way back to Monroe we will stop back in Atlanta Ga were we will go to Six Flags and later that afternoon we will go to the mall and On Tuesday July 10, 2001 we will be on our way home.

Wednesday June 27, 2001

   This summer, many of the Tab Teens have received work opportunities thanks to their involvement in the Tab-N-Action related ministries. The older teens have been placed in the City of Monroe, Utilcom Corporation, Free Press, and other places. Our 10-12 year olds were placed as home care assistants  to senior citizens in their homes. In all 46, youth were provided work opportunities through the church.

   Bible Study was held tonight. Pastor Wright taught the lesson which emphasized God's concern for the poor.
   The senior ushers met tonight. There was a rehearsal and brief business meeting.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

    Deacon Jamie Mayo was named interim mayor of the City of Monroe tonight. Deacon Mayor was named to fill the vacancy of the late Melvin Rambin, who died last week. Deacon Jamie Mayo
    There were many people in the audience. He was very emotional when the final vote came. He thanked God for helping him get the selection.
    We were happy for him. There were many "Tabites" in the audience. His wife Angela and mother in law Ruby Washington stood in the back and watched in proudly. There were many members of his family in the audience too, including his father-in-law Garfield Washington, uncles and aunts who came from Bastrop.
    Deacon Mayo is the second member of Tabernacle to serve as mayor of Monroe.

Monday June 25, 2001
      The men met at 7 a.m. today for prayer. In attendance were: Abe Pierce, Chief Jimmie R. Bryant, and Carl King.
       Sister Lottie Johnson was released from St. Francis Hospital and is at home doing well.
      The Bikes for Christ chairperson  Brother Larry Wilson met at 6 p.m. at The Tab-N- Action Activity Center to plan for the event which is scheduled  July 14, 2001. Those helping him were: Debra Ratcliff, James Ratcliff Jr., Donecia Ratcliff,  Maurice Williams, Jasmine Williams, and Amber Williams.

Sunday June  24, 2001
       Pastor Wright brought the sermon from the topic"Crossed Fingers". A very uplifing message .

Saturday  June 23, 2001
       In the absence of Sister Jackie Johnson,  who was in Charlotte North Carolina  for The National Baptist Convention , Sister  Alma Jean Leonard and her family  along with Siter Brenda Wade and Neicy Jenkins prepared a  good home cooked meal for our brothers and sisters at the homeless shelter.

       Our delegation to the National Baptist Congress returned from North Carolina today. Everyone was safe and reported an enriching experience.

Friday June 22, 2001

     Today several members of our church family were in California to share in the graduation excercise of Bobby Kyles II from basic training the United States Marines. Bobby Kyles,II with his parents Brenda and Bobby K It was another occasion that our church members
were giving us something to smile about and stick out our chests.
     Bobby finished with the highest score in his platoon and has received a
meritorious promotion to Private First Class. This promotion is awarded to those Marines who have demonstrated a high degree of proficiency and have shown exceptional leadership ability.
    Family and friends in attendance were: Bobby Kyles, Sr., Brenda Kyles, Zerry Nelson, Sadie Cornelius, Freddie Davis, Patricia Matthews and Drew Matthews.
    After the graduation they all had lunch together and then took Bobby to the
airport to board a plane to Monroe. (He didn't want to make the long drive back)
    The  Puppet Ministry met at 12 :00 p.m. for a brief rehearsal before they performance at Empire. In attendance were: Shalivia Christopher, Chris Wade, Marvin Rolland, Marlon Rolland, and  Virdell Christopher. Katrina Patterson came out for a little while.   Adult in attendance was : Nanette Brothers

Thursday June 21, 2001
        The Homecoming committee met at 6  p.m. to finalized  the progam. In attendance were: Doris Welch,  Marteal Riley, Barbara Reed, Janie Reed, Versie Larkin, Renita Bryant, Robert Wright, Camille Bryant, and Lanore Williams.

Wednesday June 20, 2001
        Bible study was taught by Minister Robert Tanzy Sr., in the absence of Pastor Roosevelt Wright Jr., who is in North Carolina for the National Congress. In attendance were : James Davis, Patrick Davis, LaTasha Zimmerman, Donecia Ratcliff, Jere Williams, Michelle Williams, Marlon Rolland, Shalivia Christopher, Shammar Weeeb, Kiendrea Edwards, Ariel Blueford, Sheddrakka Christopher,Virdell Christopher, Maurice Williams, Jasmine Williams, Amber Williams,  Apolyna Williams, Kierra Williams, Laqqwana Winn, Jasmine Walker, Kimberlee Ross,  Joyquesha Ross, Anthony Ross, Travangela Ross, Louis Ross, Janet Davis, Rhonda Zimmerman, JoElla Williams, Carolyn Taylor, Pamela Tanzy, Robert Tanzy Jr., Catherine Rolland, Adarrius Colvin, Tanecia Bishop, Jackie Hill, Shakeeva Bishop, Vonthesia Wiley, Maurice Mitchell, Alleria Walker, and  Tavares Wiley,
       The Youth Retreat Committee met at 6:30 p.m. for a brief meeting concerning   the retreat  activiies that will  planned. In attendance were: Janet Davis, Rhonda Zimerman, JoElla Williams, and Carolyn Taylor.

Tuesday June 18, 2001
         The Tab Teen Puppett Ministry practiced at 6 p.m. for a performance scheduled at "Empire " Friday  June 22, 2001. In attendance were: Chris Wade, Marlon Rolland, Marvin Rolland, and  Shalivia Christopher. Adults in attendance were: Floyd Brothers, and Lanore Williams.
        Sister Lottie Johnson was admitted to St. Francis Hospital for minor surgery. She is doing fine.

Monday  June 18, 2001
         Men met at 7 a.m. for prayer.

Sunday June 17, 2001
          Pastor Wright  is out of town for The National Baptist Congress in Charlotte North Carolina and in his absence Pastor Ambrose Douzart brought the sermon from the topic "The Godly Father". a very inspirational message for Father's Day  and he put the icing on the cake with a song  "I Won't Complain."

Saturday June16, 2001
           Region III held it's final tournament at Shiloh Batptist Church  in Baton Rouge. Attending the touranment from Region I were: Robert Wright, Natalie Williams, and Michelle Williams.
           The Homeless Shelter feeding continued today. The chairperson, Sister Jackie Johnson is out of town at the National Baptist Congress. In attendance were: LuWjonia  McClinton, and Willma Smith. On the menu was: sandwiches, chips drinks and a snack cake.
           The Old Lines Assoication Commitee/ Moderator  met at 5 p.m. at The New Tabernacle Baptist Church with  all musicans from  the Youth  Department  for the upcoming Christian Educational Classes scheduled for  The New Tabernacle Baptist Church.
           Adult choir rehearsal was held at 6 p.m.

Friday June 15, 2001
     Pastor Wright  along with Joslyn Wright, Kita Wright, Shanta, Deanna Scott, Jackie Johnson, Ruby Brown, Monique Reese, and  Lauren Dawkin left Monroe at 3 p.m.  for Charlotte North Carolina for the 96 annual National Baptist Congress scheduled for June 17-22 2001.

Thursday June 14, 2001
     The Homecoming Committee met at 6 p.m. making preparation for Homecoming schedule for the 3rd Sunday in July. In attendance were: Doris Welch, Ruby James, Kieandrre Edwards, Naomi Seals, Barbara Reed, Marteal Riley, Willie B. McGinnis, Lanore Williams, JoElla Williams, Versie Larkin, and Jenette Mitchell.

Wednesday   June 13, 2001
     Bible Study was taught by Pastor Wright from the topic"Remain Committed". In attendance were: Maurice Mitchell, LaTasha Zimmerman, Chris Wade, Marvin Rolland, Jere Williams, Ariel Blueford, Michelle Williams, Shedrakka Christopher, Shalivia Christopher, Brandon Pollard, Tavares Wiley, Virdell Christopher, Vonthesia Wiley, Maurice Williams, Marlon Rolland, Jasmine Williams, Amber Williams, Jay Maxwell, Jackie Johnson, Ruby Brown, Dorothy Johnson, Vansessa Evans,  Sheila Bell, Pamela Tanzy, Robert Tanzy Jr.,Robert Tanzy Sr., Lanore Wiliams, Flody Brothers, Fred Mitchell, Jeanette Mitchell, and  Janet Davis.
     The Sr.Usher board  met at 7p.m. for a brief meeting concerning a date for  the new uniforms to be blessed. The date was set for the first Sunday in July. In attendance were: Dorothy Johnson, Pamela Tanzy, Jeanette Mitchell, Vanessa Evans, Sheila Bell, Anita Thomas, Lanore Williams, Rhonda Zimmerman,  and  Jackie Johnson.

Monday June 11, 2001
     The  men met at 7 a.m. for  prayer.
      The Old Lines Association Board met at 7 p.m. to complete a schedule for the classes that will be offered in  August at The New Tabernacle Baptist Church. In attendance were: Pastor Wright, Pastor Jackson, Rev Hunt, Mrs, Hunt, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Wooten, Pastor  C.R. Butcher, Pastor Calloway,  Minister Tanzy, Mrs. Tanzy, and Lanore Williams.

Sunday June 10, 2001
      Pastor Wright brought the sermon from the topic "Raise The Roof". A very uplifing message.
      Top Gun Troop 65 /Explorers fellowshipped at Macedonia Baptist Church with of the Top Gun Troop Boy Scout Dewayne Campbell. In attendance were: 45  youth  and 10 adults. Afterward we all fellowshipped at Ryan's and  later returned to Tabernacle for The Court of Honor.
       Our Top  Gun 65/Explorers Court of Honor was held at 5 p.m. at The New Tabernacle Baptist Church. We saluted our youth  for the wonderful job and accomplishment they have done for the past six months. We reconginized various individuals for participating  in various activities, and  recognized  our young ladies who survived  at camp. Prizes were  presented to the  scout with the highest points. We have a beautiful,long,  fun filled day.Refreshment was also served.

Saturday June 9, 2001
     The BYE finial tournament for Region I was held at Epps High School in Epps, La. Our  children did well in all areas looking forward on seeing everyone in  Baton Rouge at Southern University.
      Ava Pierce and  Derrick Bell  were married  at The New Tabernacle  Baptist Church at  4 p.m.  Reverend King L. Dawson and Pastor Walter Davis Jr., officianted in the absence of Pastor Wright.
      Sister Jackie Johnson and Sister Brenda Wade administered with our brothers and sisters in Christ at The Homeless Shelter.  On the menu was: hot dogs, chips, dessert cakes, and sodas.
      Sister Mildred James and her family along with others traveled to Dallas Texas for the wedding of Sister Debra James. 

Friday June 8, 2001
      The Tab Teen practice again for the final B.Y. E.  tournament at 6 p.m. a t the Tab-N- Action Activity Center. In attendance were 30 youth and 7 adults.

Thursday, June 7, 2001
     The hostesses for the upcoming wedding of Dr. Ava Pierce met today for a review of their duties in the wedding. There are about 50 hostesses, according to Dr. Lavargne Gunn-Ford, the wedding coordinator.
   Top Gun Scouts met at church to rehearse for Sunday's Court of honor, which will be held at 5 p.m.

Wednesday June 6, 2001 
         Bible Study was taught by Pastor Wright from the topic"A Prophet Appears". There were 43 members in attendance. Special prayers were offered Alethea Reese had surgery, for Geneva Zimmerman, whose sister passed, as well Mrs. Christopher's son, Brother Tanzy's sister, and for Destiny Watson and Stephanie Broadnax who will be leaving for cheerleader camp this month.
          Sister Althea Reese had  minor surgery  at St. Francis but is at home resting and doing fine.

Tuesday June 5, 2001
         The Christian Education Department of the North La. Old Line Association  met at The New Tabernacle tonight. The members met to discuss upcoming classes for  annual session of the Association which will convene at Tabernacle in August. In attendance were : Pastor James Jackson, Pastor Hunt, Mrs Hunt,  Sister Wooten, Sister Moore, Pastor Riddick,  Minister Robert Tanzy, Lanore Williams, and Pastor Wright.
      The Tab Teen Liturgical Dancers met at 6 p.m. at the Tab-N- Action Activity Center  for our final tournament scheduled in Epps, La. In attendance were: Shalivia Christopher, LaTasha Zimmerman, Donecia Ratcliff, Brandon Pollard, Maurice Mitchell, Monique Reese, and  Deeandriez Scott.
      Katrina Patterson was released from The Shriners Children Hospital and doing fine at home. She will be homebound for about a month, wearing a back brace.

Monday  June 4, 2001
       The men met  for prayer  at 7 a.m.
           The Tab Teens cheerleaders/basketball team met a 6 p.m. at the Tab-N- Action  Activity Center  for practice for the final tournament scheduled in Epps, La  June 9, 2001. In attendance were: Shredrakka Christopher, Donecia Ratcliff, LaTasha Zimmerman, Vonthisha Wiley, Monique Reese,  Tavares Wiley, Maurice Mitchell, Arielle Minor, Kenyon Dawkins, Chris Wade, Eli Chisley, Debra Ratcliff, Ruby Brown, Joslyn Wright, Lanore Williams, and  Roosevelt Wright.

Sunday, June 3, 2001

 Today our graduates were saluted they looked well. They were Crystal Bell, Maurice Mitchell, and James Earl Davis. The three were saluted by the congregation and showered with gifts.
  Individual members also showered Ahmad Smith, our musician with gifts as well.
  Dr. Gilbert spoke to the youth as a guest speaker on the "D's of Survival." She was very inspirational.
   Pastor Wright preached from the subject "Every step up, is from the Lord."
   After the program the members scanned the various tables of our graduates which displayed their accomplishments.
   Each graduate received a cash gift from the church. Maurice Mitchell received a check for being a Top Gun Eagle Scout.
   The bible school held its closing program today. There were reports from all classes and certificates were distributed. Natalie Williams won the prize for the best decorated door. She was all smiles when it was announced. 
Saturday, June 2, 2001
  The Boy Scouts had a Board of Review today, it was held at the Carver Branch Library. Several boys passed their reviews. Many failed too.
   The Mitchell's traveled to Shreveport today, to visit Katrina Patterson who is still in the Shriner's hospital.
   Philander Riley was married today, in a beautiful yard wedding at the home of his mother and father, Ruthie and William "Pappy" Riley
   Bible School ended today. It was great and ended with a fancy pizza pig out.
   To see photos of the 2001 VBS Click Here

Friday, June 1, 2001

   Vacation Bible School continued today. There were about 85 in attendance. The young people enjoyed themselves today. Mrs. Larkin taught a lively adult class. Refreshments today included pop sickles.
   Katrina Patterson is recovering. Her parents, Floyd and Nanette Brothers have been with her around the clock since she entered the hospital. Today, she sat us and talked with nurses. Usually Katrina is quiet and doesn't talk. She said it must be the medicine.

Thursday, May 31, 2001

   Vacation Bible School was great today. The teachers seemed so enthusiastic. Robert taught songs about "light."

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

    Vacation Bible School was held again today. One of the great components of VBS is always the refreshments. Our team has been serving every from chili nachos to ice cream. 
    Pastor Wright and Sister Wright left for New Orleans today. They are attending a conference about funding and operating juvenile courts. The will return Friday.
    Katrina Patterson had spinal surgery today. She is hospitalized in the Shriner's hospital in Shreveport. The surgery went well.

Tuesday May 29, 2001
    Vacation Bible School started today. Donna Simmons and Ruby Brown drove the vans and brought what looked like tons of children. It was great to see so many youth an adults at VBS.

Monday May 28, 2001

    The men met at 7 a.m for prayer today.
    The Family Enrichment Day continued today with a continental breakfast .The men had prayer at 7 a.m.
    Then we loaded the bus and van for Hot Spring Amusement Park. The park opened at 11 a.m. we all were  eager for  the park to open. The children rode rides of all kinds, including the water slides and the wave pool. There was food of all  different  kind.  It was a fun fill day of fun, fun, and relaxation.
    It was great to see the families of our congregation have fun together. Everybody did their their own thing. Mrs. Carolyn Taylor took in the theme park in style, she rented a wheel chair and had her family members to push her around. That didn't stop Octavius and the kids from hitting the wave pool. (Sister Poe watched from the bank).
    Mrs. Oneal "Baby Doll" Watson, was the oldest person present. In her 70's Mrs. Baby Doll rode one thriller ride and the antique cars. She had more fun than the kids. Oneal
    The Minors brought their entire family in their giant Camper including Pop Minor, Maurice and Ruby James and their entire family.
    Donna Simmons brought a car load of the Simmons klan. Connie Dawkins had her entire tribe along for the fun. Kenyon Dawkins rode the tall roller coaster ride 15 times.
    Mrs. Head and Mary Taylor brought their troopers along too.
    The Micheal Johnson family was present in full force, so was the Lanore Williams gang.
    Sister Washington, the Mitchells, the Ratcliffs, and the McGinnis crowd were there too.
    Pastor and Sister Wright spent the strolling the park. The rode a small roller coaster ride and the antique cars. Sister Wright liked the cars, but said the roller coaster ride will never happen again. Her sister and her family from Texas also joined the fun.
    The James Family was out in full force too. 
    It was a great day. There was so much laughter. It was a great fellowship. In fact, there was so much fun that we almost wore everybody out. 
    We were supposed to meet at the bus for 5:30 p.m. but everybody was back 30 minutes early...everyone except Loren Dawkins that is...she made us wait while squeezed in one more ride.
    She said 5:30 means 5:30 and she walked out the gate, right on the time.
    We returned home safe, tired, but refreshed... praising God families and friends.

    To see photos from the family fun day click here.

Sunday May 27, 2001

       Pastor Wright brought the sermon from the topic, "Maters and Taters" a very inspirational message. He used an illustration of tomatoes and potatoes saying that one lives in the dark and the other thrives on the light. We were told to be children of the light.  Immediately after service  we loaded the bus and van for Hot Spring Ark.
     We arrived at the LaQunita Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas at 4p.m. we got our keys settled in and later went to the pool at the hotel and relaxed a little while. Some went to dinner other just relaxed in they rooms and of course the children wanted to swim.
      The Minor family treated pastor and Sister Wright to a special dinner at the Shogun Japanese Restaurant in honor of their 27th wedding anniversary. It was a surprise for the first couple.

Saturday May 26, 2001

            The Tab Teens practiced in the BYE tournament held today at the New Light  Baptist Church and did exceptional  well in all areas. Our last tournament is scheduled in Epps La. for June 9, 2001
             Sister Catherine Jackson was released from North Monroe Hospital.

Friday May 25, 2001
           The Tab Teens Drill team met at 6p.m. for a tournament scheduled for May 26, 2001.

Thursday May 24, 2001

           The Tab Teens Liturgical  Dancers met at 4 the Tab-N- Action activity center . In attendance were: Dee Scott, LaTasha Zimmerman, Donecia Ratcliff, Shalivia Christopher, Brandon Pollard, Monique Reese, Quniton Snowden, and Chris Wade.
           The  Tab Teens cheerleader team met at 6 p.m. for practice for the upcoming tournament scheduled for May 26, 2001.

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