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October 11 to December 6, 1999

Monday, December 6, 1999

Tonight our Circle performed at the National Conference of Christian Educators. They were excellent as they demonstrated both as a drill team and bible speed and memorization team.

Sunday, December 5, 1999

Today pastor Wright preached from the subject "The first and the last word"
A delegation of our members left for Nashville Tennessee today. They will be presenters of the Circle of the Chosen Program at the National Conference of Christian Educators.

Saturday, December 4, 1999

Several members participated in serving the homeless at the DeSiard Street Shelter today. Included among today's volunteers were: Ruby Washington, Cassandra Davis, Ceasar Clark, Bennie Hall and Sadie Cornelius.
Sister Mildred Lyons' mother was eulogized today during services at the Avenue Baptist Church.
Sister Joslyn Wright spent the day today decorating the church for the Christmas season. Her decorations included all of those inside of the edifice.
Our youth choir sang tonight for a program in memory of Uganda Kyles at the St. Paul Baptist Church.

Friday, December 3, 1999

   Three of our members were among the first rookie fire firefighter graduates tonight. Charolette Millikin pins husband QuincyQuincy Millikin, Fred Mitchell, Jr. and Matthew Williams, IV were officially pinned as firefighters in the Monroe Fire Department after completing a difficult 13 week fire fighter's boot camp that involved passing 27 physical and written exams. There were many of our members on hand to salute them at the program held at the Civic Center.
   Quincy Millikin received an award for being the most improved. The chief said he had to shed pounds and overcome many obstacles to complete the course, but succeeded.  Are three are former Top Gun Scouts. Millkin and Mitchell are Top Gun Eagle Scouts.
Fred Mitchell congratulated by father Fred   Williams being pinned by his mother Ivory Joe
Monday, November 29, 1999

Sister Catherine Jackson took ill. She was hospitalized at Conway.

Saturday, November 27, 1999

Today our members attended the Bayou Classic in the Superdome.Top Gun Scouts At Bayou Classic The youth had fun. Many of them had never been inside the Superdome. Tonight,  60 members were treated to a boat cruise on the Natchez, including meals, courtesy of the Linda Noe Laine Foundation. They dined on expensive cuisine that included baked catfish, pasta, vegetables and pastries as the cruised up the Mississippi River. Pastor Wright talked with many of the youth about their college based futures. 
Cloyd & Dorothy Minor taste the fine Cuisine o  Angela Mayo and her daughter Ashley dine on the Na
Friday, November, 26, 1999

Many of our members left today for the Bayou Classic Weekend in New Orleans with Top Gun. The purpose was to get Top Gun Scouts to thinking of themselves as college students by exposing them to college style gatherings such as the Grambling vs Southern football game. Friday night they were able to attend a Greek Show at the Superdome courtesy of Mayor Abe Pierce, Councilman Arthur Gilmore and Councilman Red Stevens.

Thursday, November 25, 1999

There was a full house today for the annual Thanksgiving program held at our church. Manuel Scott, Jr. was the guest speaker. He is from California. There were many moving testimonies about God's blessing. Dr. Scott preached on the theme "Something to shout about." 

Our homeless ministry served the homeless for Thanksgiving at the DeSiard Street Shelter.Homeless Helpers feed the Homeless on Thanksgiving Fine dishes were prepared by our members that included tasty vegatables and cakes. Members from Tabernacle, St. Alban's, Berean and Mt. Zion Church served food. Among those serving from Tabernacle were Lanore Williams, Jacques Hall, Robert Tanzy, Pastor Wright & Ceasar Clark. 

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

The puppet ministry practiced today. They will perform Sunday in Baton Rouge, La. The Circle of the Chosen drill team practiced as well.
Pastor Wright taught the lesson for teacher's meeting tonight. The crowd was skimpy as everyone seemed to scatter for Thanksgivinging.

Sunday, November 21, 1999

Pastor Wright preached from the subject "I've got to tell somebody!" One member joined our fellowship, Taalisha Robinson. 
Fred Mitchell and Robert Tanzy minister to boys abThe scouts left for Winter Camp after worship today. They are camping at Camp T.L. James. Adults participating involved included: Pastor Wright, Fred Mitchell, Robert Tanzy, Joslyn Wright, Fred Mitchell, Jr. and Lanore Williams. There are 56 boys at the camp.

Fred Mitchell and Robert Tanzy minister to boys about the importance of respecting their parents, staying drug free, and assuming their roles as men in their families. The camp is more than simply going to the woods, its a time to talk to a generation of Black men who will be lost without guidance.

The Circle of the Chosen Liturgical Dancers rehearsed today. They are learning a dance routine choreographed by Patricia Blunt.

Saturday, November 20, 1999

About 75 members of Top Gun Troop 65 left to set up their winter camp today. Among the adults were Maurice James and his wife Ruby,  Robert Tanzy, Fred Mitchell and Joslyn Wright.
The funeral service for Richard O. Miles was held today. Pastor Wright eulogized him from the subject, "Milestones"  The church was filled to capacity. His burial was in Kelly, La.
The Circle of the Chosen participated in the After Camp program held at Wossman High School today. There were over 200 Circle members from across the region. Our puppet team presented a skit entitled "I belong  to God."

Friday, November 19, 1999

Sister Brenda Sims had her surgery today. As her family stood around her just before she went into surgery, they told her about William Smith's singing. She wanted him to sing for her in the hospital room. He jokingly told her, "I sing for you, just as soon as the anesthetic takes over!" Everyone laughed. Getting groggy, Brenda kept mumbling as the rolled down to surgery, "Sing for me! Sing for me!"
The funeral service for Sister Evelyn Burrell was held today. Pastor Wright preached, "Jesus Loved Sister."
Brother Robert Tanzy preached about Jesus as a lifesaver on the last night of our awakening. He turned out all of the lights in the building and showed how people cannot see in the dark. He then used a flashlight, held by his son, Little Robert, to show how people are attracted to the light. Despite having attended the Burrell funeral service, there was good attendance tonight.
At the close of the Awakening there was a sit down feast prepared for the Pastor, Deacons and Associate ministers. Sister Jerridine Woods proved herself to be a masterful cook. She prepared a layout that was delicious and filling. It was her words that made the occasion even better, "I just did it because I love you!" The guests enjoyed the turkey, dressing, wide assortment of vegetables, cakes and pies. Remarkably, the entire setting was prepared and donated by Sister Woods.
Of course, Sadie Cornelius was in the picture too! The table settings and everything were well arranged. All the week, Sister Cornelius arranged for every minister who preached to have dinners that ranged from fried chicken to barbeque. Of course she also saw to it that Pastor Wright had a dinner too!
DeShuntra Reed gave birth to a new baby girl today. The six pounds plus lass is named, "Trinity." Now there are three women in the Reed household, the new arrival completes the Reed family female trinity.

Thursday, November 18, 1999

William Smith preached tonight. The church was nearly full. Most of the people present were the guests of Deacon Abe Pierce and Brother Jimmie Bryant. At the conclusion of his message, Brother Smith surprised the entire congregation by singing, without music, "Love lifted me" in a beautifully pitched. It was the first time anyone had heard him sing! Everyone was pleasantly surprised!
There was no music worship tonight.

Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Brian Reed preached the revival services. He talked about Jesus as a waymaker. He used an illustration of how we should follow Jesus by asking Pastor Wright to walk around the building. He held on to his belt and followed him around, illustrating follow power. There were many young people present on youth night. He also unveiled the fact that he had a whoop. There was no music worship offered.

Tuesday, November 16, 1999

Pastor  Richard O. Miles, Jr. died today.
Jacques Hall preached tonight during revival services. A class on marriage was conducted by Dr. Samuel Green. It was well attended. Jerusalem Baptist Church Choir sang. They were very inspirational, directed by Mrs. Nealy Dunnings Britton.

Monday, November, November 15, 1999

 Our men met today for prayer. Those offering prayers today included: Jimmy Bryant, Abe E. Pierce, III, Pastor Wright, and John Hall.
 Pew leaders who were present tonight, with their guests were: Brenda Addison, Patricia Blunt, Sadie Cornelius, Sandra Frank, Joyce Hardwell, Johnetta Hunter, Sera Jones, Maurice James, Nicole Jarrow, Carl King, Willia B. McGinnis, Jeneatte Mitchell, Debra Ratcliff, Barbara Reed, Marteal Riley, Catherine Rolland, Brenda Sims, Lenora Williams, Carolyn Head and Beverly Millikin.

Sunday, November 14, 1999

Sister Evelyn Burrell died today. Her sisters were with her when she took her last breath at Mary Goss Nursing Home.
Special prayers were offered today for Sister Brenda Sims, who will be hospitalized Friday for surgery. All of the women in the church joined with her and each offered a prayer at the altar for a healing for her. It was a very emotional moment and demonstration of sisterhood.

Tuesday,  November 9, 1999

There were 35 people at the noon day worship today. William Smith brought the message, "What's For Lunch?" Several persons shared their favorite scriptures including Sister Zolee Jones who shared her love for Psalms 1. She said she has tried to make that the guiding scripture for her life. Brian Reed read from Jeremiah 1 saying the passage stuck in his mind as as definition of his calling into the ministry. Others read favorite passages too. Sack lunches were given to all guests.

Monday, November 8, 1999

Our men met this morning for prayer at 7 a.m.
The first of the Five Days Ablaze worships were held today at 11:50 a.m. There were about 25 people present. Brother Robert Tanzy gave the message on the subject "Networking in the Kingdom of God." Sadie Cornelius, Louis Harris and Joslyn Wright prepared sack lunches for those present. Jacques Hall coordinated the worship.
Jasmine Hall was released from the hospital today. Praise the Lord!

Sunday, November 7, 1999

Today, pastor Wright preached from the subject "Singing Noonday Songs at Midnight!" We had two individuals to unite with the church, Greg Harris, son of Louis Harris wanted to renew his membership back  in the church. He has been out of the church since he was a child and said he had found his way like the prodigal son. His father stood with him, teary eyed and happy.  Yolanda Scott, a staff member at OIC  to transferred  her membership to Tabernacle.
Tabernacle  Adult Choir sponsored its musical today. They presented nine songs that were really inspirational. Mildred James, the choir president, thanked everyone for helping out. Special words of praise were given to Sister Nealy Britton for her work Pastor Wright and Sister Kyles as children to bring about the present Tabernacle ministry.  Some of the boys from Boy Scout Troop 65 assisted in showing  our guests and church family  where they were available spaces to  park.
Brother and Sister Fred Mitchell were absent today. Brother Mitchell's mother is hospitalized and the family is caring for her in Glenwood Hospital.
Sister Carlena Gary has been hospitalized at St. Francis. The church prayed for her recovery.

Saturday, November 6, 1999

Members of Top Gun Troop 65 passed out bags for the scouting for food program today. There were about 53 boys participating. Among the boys were our cub pack members and their leaders Mrs. Pamela Tanzy, Mrs. Ruby James and Ms. Wyatt.
The Homeless Helpers ministry served food at the Desiard Street Shelter today.They  prepared a nice meal for our brothers and sisters at  the Desiard Street location  The Shelter opened from 9:00- 5:00 P.M.  In attendence  were Sadie Cornelius, Ceasar Clark, Robert Tanzy, Beverly Millliken,  and Jackie  Johnson.
There were high spirits tonight as the choir held its last rehearsal for the annual musical. The choir has been rehearsing for a month.

Thursday, November 4, 1999

Jasmine Hall took ill today. She was taken to the St. Francis Medical Center to be treated for a mild case of pneumonia. In addition Sister Ailean January is also in St. Francis. Her family expects her to remain there for several weeks.
Sister Evelyn Burrell, sister of  Sister Lavargne Gunn-Ford has been moved to the Mary Goss Nursing Home. The family request the church's continued prayer
Jared Mayo began his Eagle project today. The project calls for a wheelchair ramp to be built on the Westside of the church. Today Jared and concrete layers were present to pour concrete for the site. Next rails will be attached to the concrete. Jared is hoping to complete his project in time to be presented as a 1999 Eagle Scout.

Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Jacques Hall brought the Midweek message tonight. It was entitled "Mother's Way Out." She compared Hannah's dilemma to that of the average mother, noting that Hannah turned to God and found her way out. There were several special guests on the service program. The choir rehearsed for the musical immediately afterwards.
Bible Study was taught by Pastor Roosevelt  Wright on the topic "Maintaing Continuity."  It was a very inspirtional topic informing us to leave a
legency  in our family.. In attendance were Robert and Pamela Tanzy, Robert Tanzy Jr., JoElla Willaims, Janie Reed, Lanore Willaims,  Versie Larkin, William Smith, Brenda Knotts, Bobbie Smith Mildred James, Barbara Reed, Marie and Christina Hall, Bobby Kyles, Pencola Ceasar, Siera James, and Carolyn Taylor.

Sunday, October 31,1999

Minister William Smith brought the Sermon on the topic "Good Man Good Women."" It was a very inspirational  message. And at 2:30  Brian Reed closed
College and young adult worship service on the Topic "Has the Ghost Got You."
Pastor and Sister Wright returned from the Bonhoeffer workshop in Philadelphia tonight.

Saturday, October 30, 1999

Pat Blunt , Sandra Frank, Bobby and Osaro Kyles, and James Ratcliff met at the church at 8:30 a.m. to transport the bags for the fall festival to The Tri- District Boys Club. They prepared about 486 bags for the children.
Jared Mayo, Angela Mayo, and Jamie Mayo along with Donald and Jeannette Mitchell were that the church around 7:30 a.m. to assist Jared with his Eagle
Scout  project . He is  building a handicap  ramp to assist anyone with a wheelchair to be able to get in the church easy.
Fred Mitchell along the some of the Boy Scout met at the church for a scout meeting and 12:00
The Male Chorus rehearsed at 11:00 a.m. today.
Homeless Helper fed at the site on Desiard Street from 11:00- 1:00. On the  menu was fried chicken, green beans, different cakes, chesse rice and corn casouel and soda.  The Associate ministers were scheduled to give service today. In attendence where Pam Tanzy, Ceasar Clark, Lanore Williams,  Sadie Cornelius,  Bennie Hall, Haroyn Hall, Mrs. Nealie Britton, Robert Tanzy Jr, Jaasmine , Jay, and Jessica Hall, Michelle Drumgo, and our chairperson Joyce Hartwell. We had a beautiful  time fellowshiping with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. The Associate Ministers that participated were: Robert Tanzy, Jacques Hall and William Smith. Absent were: Andre McDade, Quincy Millikin, and Brian Reed.
The Cub Scout kicked off its first Pow-Wow meeting at The First United Methodist Church on Loop Road. In attendeence for the meeting was Robert and Pamela Tanzy, and Lanore Williams. We attended different worships to give ourselves pointers to start our  Cub Scouts .The meeting statred at 9:00 -4:00. Pam attended the opening cermony and Brother Tanzy and Lanore Williams attended the classes from 1:00-4:00 p.m.. It was a very fun filled  day.
The Adult Choir rehearsed at 6:00P.M, preparing for the musical next Sunday
The Judgment House Fall Festival was held at 6:00P.M. along with The Puppet Ministry. It was a great experience, even though the turnout was not as expected.
At 10:00 The Pizza Prayer and Praise  rap session  for teenagers 12-21 was headed by Brian Reed and assisted by his wife DeShuntra Reed, Sandra Frank, Robert Tanzy and Pat Blunt. The teenagers had an enjoyable time. The youth spent the night at the church

Friday, October 29, 1999

Pat Blunt and Sandra Franks did the finiishing  touches on the bags for the Judgement House Fall Festival. They spent a great deal of time making arrangements, from 2:00 7:20 p.m.

Thursday, October 28, 1999

Pastor and Sister Wright left for Philadelphia today. The Pastor will be attending a two day workshop that focuses on the theological writings and life struggles of Deitrich Bonnehoffer. He was the the German theologian who was executed for plotting to kill Adolph Hitler. The workshop is being held at the University of Pennsylvia.
The committe for Judgment House met to assemble bags of treats for the Fall Festival.
children. The effort is being led by Pat Blunt and Sandra Franks.
The library committee met today. Members are discussing ways to improve the church library.
Our puppet team practiced again tonight.

Wednesday, October 27, 1999

The Homeless Helpers team met again today at the Desiard Street Shelter. Kay Southern and her husband, who started the shelter is going to lease the facility to Tab-N-Action, Inc. for $1.00 a year. It will be operated by Homeless Helpers which has been expanded to include friends from St. Albans Episcopal Church, Berean, Tabernacle, and Mt. Zion. Our combined effort is to reach the homeless in the area with a full scale shelter with sleeping, social services etc. The meeting ended with a powerful prayer by Sister Emma Grace.
Pastor Wright taught the lesson at Bible Study tonight. He talked about warning labels.
Robert Tanzy preached for the Mid Week Service on the subject "Father's Who Can" He said Boaz' relationship to Ruth typified a good father as a man who provides for his family with integrity, hardwork and insight. There were several members of the male chorus present. They did not have a musician, but the sang loud and spirited anyway.
The puppet team rehearsed tonight. They are preparing for the fall festival Saturday night. While they practiced Jeanette Mitchell and Joslyn Wright made new costumes for the routines and props. Team members present were: Jessica Hall, Joanathan Smith, William Broadway Smith, Reginald Robinson, Maurice Williams,  and Adrian Bass.

Monday, October 25, 1999

Brothers Jimmy Bryant, Pastor, John Hall and Robert Tanzy carried on the men's prayer vigil this morning at 7:00 a.m.
Pastor Wright and Brother Tanzy met with other groups in the city helping the homeless today at the DeSiard Street Shelter. The other groups which include St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Berean Baptist, and Mt. Zion Baptist want to combine efforts to help the homeless in our area with Tab-N-Action, Inc's, "Homeless Helper's" as the umbrella organization.
Tamara Riley Gordon's two children left for Canada today. Several members joined the Riley family at airport to see the kids off as they left to begin a new life with their father and stepmother in Canada. Their mother, Tamara, died this month.

Sunday, October 24, 1999

Today pastor Wright preached from the subject "O Ye Dry Bones hear the word of the Lord!" Special recognition was given to the Junior Ushers on the occasion of their 53rd Anniversary. Sister Mildred James read the brief history of the group and thank the church for its support. Pastor Wright praised Deacon James Lyons for his spirit of volunteerism. Highlighting the importance of "small things" Pastor Wright said Deacon Lyons repairs, paints and constructs whatever is needed at the church, often without people knowing that he has provided the service. He said Deacon Lyon's is typical of the spirit of Tabernacle: Service without Need for Recognition.
Brandy Henderson joined our congregation today. She was invited by sister Beverly James. Prayer was held for Sister Henderson with all of the young women of the church family.
Pastor Wright fussed a little today. He said we missed our Anniversary goal by $3,000. He wants those who did not respond to the anniversary plea to do so.
The afternoon worship had a small attendance today but Brian Reed preached an inspiring sermon, "Lost and Found."
The last class in this series of leadership training classes was held tonight. There were 63 in attendance and the spirit was high. Among the participants were 26 small children who learned about Noah's Ark.

Saturday, October 23, 1999
Today, our boy scouts tilled an acre of land on Wilson Street in preparations to plant several rows of Collard, Turnip and Mustard Greens. Most of the boys had never seen a "hoe" before. (Some thought it was suppose to be something else). Mr. Cleophus Williams, a veteran gardener helped the boys all day, showing them how to till the ground and properly space the rows.
There was a choir rehearsal tonight. The choir is preparing for the musical on the first Sunday.
Friday, October 22, 1999
Omega James was presented tonight as Miss Wossman at the homecoming day. She made her ride around the stadium in a pretty limo.

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Jacques Hall preached the Wednesday night worship service tonight. It was uplifting. Many left the Wednesday service for the Civic Center to watch the coronation of  Brenda-Josh Omega James and Osaro Kyles as Mr. and Miss Wossman. Also on the court were Jared Mayo, Bakari Guice and Maurice Mitchell. Brenda looked beautiful as she stepped onto the floor out of a cloud of smoke, in keeping with the theme, "Angels in the Midst." She and Osaro sang "Unforgettable" to the audience.

Monday, October 18, 1999

Brothers Abe E. Pierce, III, John Hall and Robert Tanzy, Sr. carried on the men's prayer vigil today. The men's prayer vigil has been in progress for 20 months without missing a Monday morning. Rain or shine the men have taken turns in showing up every Monday morning at 7 a.m. to pray for other men, themselves and city leaders.
"Homeless Helpers" a subsidiary of Tab-N-Action, Inc. met tonight to map our ways to expand the church's homeless operation. Attending were: Joyce Hartwell, chairperson; Robert Tanzy, Sr., Versie Larkin, Lanore Williams, Christine Jackson, Jackie Johnson and Pastor Wright.

Sunday, October 17, 1999

There was plenty of preaching, food and fellowship in the Tabernacle church community today. A full day of activity and service highlighted our 104th anniversary. It included a musical selection by the Tab Tots. They were wearing new capes for the occasion. The anniversary committee told the church history in a novel way. Brother Claude Minor portrayed the late Dr. P.C. Keal in a humorous skit that talked about Dr. Keal's frustrations in getting departments to centralize their budgets. Doneceia Ratcliff and Marcus Beckwith portrayed Sister Wright and Pastor Wright in another humorous skit. Abe Pierce, III, Sandra Frank, Versie Larkin,  Renee' Broadnax, and Patricia Blunt.
Pastor Wright keynoted the day when he preached from the subject "Ain't no danger in God's water."
Sister Louvella Gary was recognized as the oldest living member of the New Tabernacle congregation. She is 93 years old. Sister Gary was given a salute, words of praise from pastor Wright and the honor of being the first to eat under the big tent. She was accompanied by her daughter. Sister Gary has been hospitalized of late, regained her strength and was able to attend worship on the 3rd Sunday as usual.
Under the big tent there was food everywhere. Ribs, chicken, fresh cook mustard and collard greens, macaroni and cheese, cakes, pies, gumbo goulash, black eyed peas, hot butter soaked corn bread, every kind of cake and pie imaginable and much more. The anniversary committee had fun serving the food, wearing plastic aprons and gloves everyone worked shoulder to shoulder, smile to smile filling plates with some of the best food this side of heaven. Pastor Wright gave everyone permission to break their diets for one day. The oldest members of the church were served first.
The anniversary celebration continued at 2:30 p.m. as the afternoon ULM-4 Him worship began. It was high spirited and lively, youth style. The congregation was led in numerous upbeat selections including, "Bout it" led by Daddy Ro. The sermon for the evening was given by Quincy Millikin who preached from the subject "Searching for the unknown God." Communion was served to those who missed the observance in the morning service.
Believe it or not, there were 55 people in attendance at the 5 p.m.  Leadership School tonight as classes continued into the third of four 2 1/2 hour sessions. Pam Tanzy congratulated everyone for the fantastic spirit they showed.
Members got a good laugh today, at the expense of Sister Sadie Cornelius, chair lady of the Anniversary committee. Sister Cornelius, who prides herself in being accurate, finally made a mistake and listed a wrong name on an anniversary program. She was hoorayed all day! She even laughed at herself!

Saturday, October 16, 1999

Sister Renita Bryant left for Dallas today. There was a death among her in-laws and she left to attend the funeral which is today.
This morning at 6 a.m. there were several men at the church preparing for the anniversary. Brother Claude Minor provided two huge tents for the church. The men came to help erect the tents and to help barbecue meats and prepare other foodstuffs for the anniversary celebration. Among those present were: Claude Minor, Pastor Wright, Nathan Thornton, Jamie Mayo, Cleophus Williams, Louis Harris, Maurice James, Fred Mitchell, Caesar Clark, Abe E. Pierce, III and Robert Tanzy. Others came later. The smell of barbecue was in the air for blocks as the men brought out huge boxes of chicken, ribs and other meats. The fellowship spirit is wonderful among the men.
While the men prepared for the anniversary a committee of members also prepared to serve food for the Riley Family funeral service today. Members were busy cooking and preparing foods for both activities in a great display of team work and church spirit. Most agree that there can be no real celebration as long as one family is mourning.
The Funeral service for Tamara Riley Gordon was held today. There was a full house. Pastor Wright encouraged her parents by reminding them that they had done a good job rearing all of the children in the godly way. He said that included knowing how to go when when the time comes. His message was entitled "When Doves Stretch Their Wings." At the gravesite six live doves were released. Three of them returned to the gravesite were kept by the Tamara's children. The other three took flight and did not return.
The youth choir musical was held tonight. It was well attended and the choir was in good form. The orchestra played two selections and there was a special guest group from Jonesboro called "Thee Anointed."
During the youth musical, one of the Crane twins became ill, pastor Wright drove them to the hospital. The youth was treated for a virus and released.

Friday, October 15, 1999

The youth orchestra rehearsed today. J. R. Bryant rehearsed the group for tomorrow's musical. In addition, the Church Anniversary planning committee met as well. They finalized plans for Sunday's anniversary.
Carla Johnson gave birth to a 6 pound 5 oz baby boy that was born today. She named the boy Tahj Khalil.

Thursday, October 14,1999

Carla Johnson will be going into the hospital tomorrow for a C-Section. She is asking the church for prayers.

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Pastor Wright taught bible study today on the subject, "In The Wilderness." In attendance were: William Smith, Fred and Jeanette  Mitchell, Floyd and Nannette Brothers, James and Deborah Ratcliff, Natasha Jones and her son, Shandus Green, Kamari Green, Brittany Green, Nathan and Katrenia Thornton, Robert Tanzy Sr, Robert Tanzy  Jr, Barbara Reed, Janie Reed, Briyana James, Versie Larkin, and Lanore Williams.
Mid-Week Service were held tonight. Minister Robert Tanzy brought the sermon. The title of the sermon was, "The Family That Praise Together." It was a very powerful and encouraging  message.
The Church Anniversary Committee also met tonight with  Sadie Cornelius and Doris Welch Chairpersons. They finalized plans for Sunday's 104th Church Anniversary Celebration.

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