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 Was King James, author of the Authorized version of the bible, gay

  • The words in the bible sound much like thosein aShakespearean play. I have heard that King James was actually Shakespeare. Isit possible that the bible is just another piece of Shakespeare?

  • I was told that in the beginning there was only God,but in Gen. 1:26 God says let us make man. Whois "us?"

  • In Genesis chapter one it is said that Godcreated the earth in six days. Werethese six 24 hour days?

  • In Genesis 4:16-17 it is said that Cain went into the land of Nod, built a city and conceived a child by his wife. Wheredid his wife come from? Adam and Eve had only two children, both males,where did the wife come from?
  • I have seen in hundreds of Christian writings arguments that attempt to attach two independent scriptures and create some kind of conclusion.  For example in one of my emails to you I tied Hebrews 13:8  to 1 Cor 12.  And other people have differing scriptural based arguments in which they whole heartedly believe. But some of these philosophical arguments are viewed as heretical.  For instance in the Catholics say, "that since Mary is the mother of Jesus, and Jesus is God, than Mary is the mother of God.  The protestants would call this at minimum a partial truth, in that Mary was the mother of the MAN portion of the Man-GOD, and at worst a heresy.  Likewise many protestant denominations have similar arguments that have caused great divides between them. I see you refer to "Preponderance of  Scripture." What do you mean by that? Can it help me to know when I have crossed the line from truth to heresy? My response is that the Holy Spirit speaks and informs and tells me clearly what is truth and heresy.

  •  In the Valley of Dry Bones, reference is made to sinews. What are sinews?

  • Why does the bible state that there was Adam and Eve. Then it notes that theirsons took wives. Where did the wives come from if eve was the only woman?




  • I went to a baby's funeral. It was sad.Since a babycannot confess Christ, is a baby saved when it dies? What aboutretardedpeople, they don't understand either. Arethey saved?

  • When sinners die do they go straight to hell? I know the saved go straight to the presence of God, but where do the sinners go? Is there anyone inhell right now?

  • Where does the soul go right after death? Itis often said that he/she is in HEAVEN! Then it is said that we will notenter until haven until Christ comes back those who dead sleeping in Christwill be called up first then those who remain will be call up.  So, where is the soul until the final resurrection?



  • At work we were talking about religions. We wentaround asking each person to tell their denomination. When they came tome I said I was Baptist. They told me I was going to hell. What religion is the right religion?

  • Why do we have so many different denominations? If we say we are Christians,why can't that just be enough for people today?
  • I study the bible, pray and attend bible classes. However,  I often hear interpretations of scripture that differ from one person to another and one denomination to another. How do I know truth from heresy?

  • When will barriers cease between denominationsordifferences in traditional doctrines.  Christ said that He was comingback for a church without a spot or blemish.  He did not say churchesor denominations.  If the pre-requisite to make it to heaven was basedsolely on what church you belonged to, a lot of people would not make itbecauseno denomination that is striving today is totally adhering to thedoctrinefrom the original churches.  My question is - What denomination is truly justifiable as the correct one?  Keep in mind that those who confess and are living Christare truly The Church regardless of what "denomination" they are living.




  • I read where there were dinosaurs and giant beaststhat lived millions of years ago. However, I have never read of them inthe bible. Isit biblical to believe in dinosaurs and creatures of that kind? Could they have existed?
  • When we get to heaven it is alwaysbeen said youwill meet you loved ones again. Will we know them when we get to heaven?
  • I am a college student who worksas a graduate assistantfor one of the  professors in my department.  The person thatI work for is often rude,  quick-tempered, and oftenhard to dealwith. I have worked with her in the  past on many projects.  Under her guidance, I have gained experience in  several areas.  However, I am finding it more and more difficult to deal  with thestress of working for her, so I am considering making this my last semester accepting the GA position. My problem comes here.  She isa  powerful person in the department.  There are even very fewfaculty members  even willing to stand up to her.  I also knowthat she can be vindictive.   She may take my leaving as a "disloyalty"issue.  I am afraid that she may make my road that much more difficultgetting through the program. ShouldI  stay on or should I follow my inner heart and not accept theposition  again??
  • I  was asked a question todayand I thoughtI knew the answer, but before I tell this individual the answer,I want to make sure I'm right. Do animals have souls?
  • What, if anything, is in the scriptureabout votingin the church?
  • My daughter is a Christian, but sometimesrefusesto wear a hat to church.  What should I tell her andIs it okay that her head is not covered when entering the temple and/orhouse of God?
  •  I "closed my eyes" to thingsthat were happeningto my daughters by their stepfather. I have asked Godto forgive me. Iam not sure if I need to ask my children for their forgiveness - they aregrown now. Only one of my daughters continue to bring it up, the othershave never said anything to me about this abuse. Shouldn't they automatically forgive me without me having to ask them for their forgiveness. My daughter who won't let the family forget this "secret" holds me accountable forall the bad choices she has made in her life. My daughter feels I owe heran apology.  I feel she should just forgive. Doesshe deserve an apology from me? I am saved and sanctified now, is anaplogy to her necessary?
  • I work for a business that pays mea decent salary.In fact, they pay everything that I was promised. However,I've noticedthat the company is hiring new workers who perform my same job,but theyearn more money and all other skill and experience levels are thesame.Am I wrong to feel bad concerning the salaries of the new workers?
  • I have read the Bible, and actuallystudied the Gospelof Luke and the Acts of  Apostles. My question is: What is the relevance of a Christmas Tree in the home during the "festive" season?Icannot recall any reference of a Tree being of such significance in theHoly Book. Is there a Biblical connection, or is the connection relevant to an earlier / later historical event, and if so, is it right (in theeyes of the Church) to connect the two?
  • My parents won't allow me to attendmany of the activitiesat the church. They say I should focus on my schoolwork instead of readingbible scriptures, fellowshipping with Christian friendsand attending worship.They make it hard for me to grow spiritually.  Am I supposed to disobey them and do it anyway?
  • If in the beginning there was God,the Son and HolySpirit, wheredid the son come from? Who was the son's mother or who was God's wife?
  • This may seem silly, but I want toknow. Did Adamhave a belly button? What about Jesus?
  • How does one deal with different personality changes,especially thosethatwant to talk one day and the next day, they don't want to be bothered?Sometimes this can make a job really difficult while working for christ.
  • I have been dealing with a lot offamily problemslately. I have had a parent to die, another close relative too and thereis sickness in my family everyday. I'm about to get to the end of my rope. I find myself depressed. Is it a sin to be depressed?
  • If eating pork is forbidden in biblicaltimes andMoslems don't eat today, whydo Christians still eat pork?
  • Is worrying or worry a form of sin? What is the difference between considering options and worrying?
  • I know I have done things that  are not pleasingin God's sight. When I do it, I can't rest or even thinkstraight. I wantto do the right things, but somtimes I feel that God is angrywith me andsomtimes I  miss his presence. What does the word of God say about my situation?
  • I was baptised by sprinkling, in a Methodistchurch many years ago.  I'm not sure I was ever a "member" of thischurch.  My parents continued to raise me in a Methodist church.  Over the years and due to several  moves throughout the country, Ihave attended Methodist, Presbyterian, & Baptist churches.  NowI want to join a local Baptist church.  My pastor has told me I cando so without another baptism under the watchcare program.  My questionis this. IfI was never a member of the methodist  church I was baptised in as an infant, can I still join the Baptist church under the watchcare program?
  • What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Ghost? When is a person filled with the Holy Ghost?
  • What does the bible say about Christian's and Debt?
  • What is the meaning of A.D. and B.C.?
  • On television I see ministers touchsomeone on thehead and they fall backwards. Sometimes it looks like the peoplefall beforethey are touched. Isbeing slain in the spirit biblical?




  • Where in the bible does it say that the man is the head of the family? IfI work and make as much money as he does, why does my husband feel that he is the head just because he wears pants?
  • I know a man who has marriedthree times and is aprominent leader in the church. Is it possible for a person to be a multiple divorcee and still receivethe blessings of the church?
  • My husband says he's goingto divorce me. I'm worriedabout how Iwill stand with God if I agree to his divorce request. Will I be sinningif this is what he wants to do anyway?
  • In Genesis, if Adam & Eveonly had Cain and Abeland the four of them were the only people on earth, wheredid Cain's wife come from???
  • I never thoughtI a young Black BaptistPastor would have a need for it or have to ask thisquestion. My wife announcedto me last wek that she is yet IN LOVE with anold boyfriend from collegewhom she has not seen in over 4 years. We havebeen married almost threeyears and we have two children. I also have a sonby my first wife. Shesaid she loves me but is not IN LOVE with me.
  • I found out aboutthis as a resultof a close inspection of my phone bills whereupon I noticedseveral callsto Atlanta while she was at home on maternity leave.  Sheadmittedcalling her ex who is married with three children. He told her thatheand his wife were having trouble and were going to get a divorce..of courseit never happened.
    Now she wants me to believe herwhen she says she will not speak with him again because she wants our relationshipto
    work. She is in love with him and loves me...Myconcern is that if I had not found out about the phone billand then evenmore so did not accept her first lie...this would still be going on.
    We have not had any major problems.....untilnow. I am a popular pastor and moderator of a local Baptist associationin my city and in line for another this  whatdo I do?
    What does the bible say about legal separations? Are they O.K.?
  • In public I dressvery conservatively and try to be modest. However, I like sexy things forthe bedroom. A friend of mine saw me in Victoria's Secretmaking a purchaseand she ridiculed me in light of my conservative publicappearance. Shesaid I must be a secret "animal" at night and made fun of me. I am wrong?
  • My wife earns more money thanI do. She is a professionaland makes twice what I make. I pay a few of thebills out of my check,but she handles most of them. Sometimes we argue whenI complain that weare adopting a lifestyle far above what I can provide. AmI wrong for thinking that I have a responsibility to provide for the family and not my wife? What if she earns more money?
  • Recently, I was doing someresearch on the internetfor my small group communication class.  Ourgroup will be presentinga panel discussion on  mandatory birth control as a solution to repeatpregnancies of welfare  recipents. A few of the articles I found criticizedall forms of birth  control (Norplant, the pill, etc.) as being sinful.Some argued that they are in conflict with God's will and prevents a lifefrom forming that is  God's creation. Wouldyou consider any form of birth control used within a  marriageinconflict to the will of God?
  • My husband gets angry easy.The least little thingI do gets him all worked up and he yells at me andstorms out of the house. Whatam I doing wrong?
  • Help! I'm getting in over myhead! I met this womanwho is very exciting, interesting and attractive. Iam still married butmy wife and I are separated. However, I'm attracted tothis woman in acrazy way. We have dated. We've had sex. I plan to get a divorce.She'salready divorced. I'm getting in over my head. I'm trying to be a Christian. Ifthe Lord did not want me to have this woman, why would he make us so attracted to each other? Can it be wrong if it feels so right? How do I stand?






  • I had a friend whoasked mehow to be a Christian. I told her all she had to do was to come upon Sunday and sit in the chair after the preacher preaches. Was I right?
  • How do I join a church? What if  I have been put out?

  • I heard a preacher say that once we are saved that we "have a lock" on heaven. He said there is nothing that can prevent us getting to heaven because God has promised it, even if we steal, fornicate or murder someone. If I am saved, am I always saved regardless to what I do? Can I lose my salvation?
  • I heard a friend say she was saved and that she knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she would make into the heavenly kingdom of God. Howcan she be so sure.



  • I am a Christianbut I love sex. I respect the womenI have sex with and make it my businessto only date one woman at a time. Is there anything wrong with that?
  •  I am a 23 year old virgin, working on My PhD.I am engaged to a young man who isin the military. We plan to be marriedwhen I finish my degree about four years from now. He thinks it’s O.K.for us to have sex until we aremarried, but I feel it would be wrong.I have considered marriage but my parentsare against marriage before Ifinish my degree. Since I am a virgin, it iseasy for me to wait I guess.It is harder for my beau.  I have alwayswanted to save sex for marriage.I want to obey God’s will. My beausays waiting until I finish my PhD istoo long. He may be tempted beyond hisability to contain himself. Will sex be a sin for us if we are in love under these circumstances?ShouldI wait?
  • I want to datethis guy but he's a non-Christian.I think I can save him if I can get himto go with me. If someone elsedates him he'll probably never be saved. Isit wrong to date a person for "missionary" reasons?
  • I try to avoidlust, but it seems impossible. I justget these urges. How can I overcome my lust for sex?
  • Are Oral Sex, Anal Sex and other forms of foreplaysuch as whipping, tying up a spouse allowableand biblical for marriedcouples?
  • Is it wrong for me to masturbate?
  • I'm trying todate this guy but I just don't trusthim. In fact, I don't trust any man. I was molested when I was young. Does this have something to do with it? Can I ever trust anyone again?
  • I am gay. I am a musician for a local church. On occasion I hear the pastor make references to gays that seem to suggest that gays cannot go to heaven. That hits me hard because I consider myself a Christian. I read the bible, attend worship and listen attentively tothe sermons preached. I know other gay musicians, who feel the same asI do. Why would God exclude us from heaven, even though we believe in Christ?
  • I notice thatthere are many gay people who professa faith in Jesus Christ. They sing inchoirs, attend bible studies andseem to be law abiding moral persons, except for their gay lifestyle. Can gays who confess Christ go to heaven?


  • I'm trying to live the single life but my friendseems to need more than I can give.He says he needs more love. I keepgiving, but I never seem to get it back. What'sup?
  • My boyfriend says we don't need to be married inan open ceremony as long as we love each other and exchange promises toeach other in a prayerful way. He says marriage ceremonies are simply tradition and are not required by God. Is he right? Can we simply say we love each other and that makes usmarried?
  • The bible talksabout being unequally yoked.  Does this mean a single young virgin should not marry a guy that has been sexually active?  I don't know of any men that save themself for marriage, but there are plenty of women that stay virgins until marriage?
  • My boyfriend says he trusts me, but he really hatesit when other guys look at me, espsecially an ex of mine.  He saysthat its not me he doesn't trust it's the guys he doesn't trust. He really hates it when my ex compliments me and everything, and I understandwhat he is saying but its causing us to argue, and I don't want that anymore. Can you please help me.  I don't know what to do.
  • Being 21 I like to go out and have fun with my friends and they are not saved so theydrink and tempt me. I don't do it often,but occasionally. As for the sexbefore marriage, I dont do that, but thenguys are trippin cause I don't. How do you encourage your young peopleto stay in church and doyou think it is okay to go clubbin and not drink and still call yourself "saved"?
  • My boyfriend is extremely jealous. He really goesoff anytime he even thinks I'm talking to someone else. It could be a girlfriend of mine or a male friend. I have to talk to my friends in secret because of his jealousy. He says I should be loyal to him and him alone. Is he right?
  • I read yourresponse on the subject of "jealousy"and I have a question to add.  I am the jealous one in our relationship,and unfortunately so.  I try to not be and I am trying like crazyto find a solution to my problem.  I do distrust my boyfriend becausehe had been writing flirtatiously to his ex-girlfriends and I read someof the letters via email and thru written letters.  Also my boyfriendis not very discreet about looking at other beautiful women when they walkby.  He says he is not unhappy with me and wants to stay together,but I feel so put down and ugly and disrespected when he looks at othergirls.  I love him, this I can truly say.   I just don't know how to act anymore in regards to the situation. We have had the same argument at least 200 time in the year and ahalf we have been together.  He no longercares if I cry or try totalk to him about it.  He says one of us willhave to change in orderto solve this problem, but he says he isn't goingto stop looking and thathe knows I won't stop being jealous . Is it right to be jealous in such an obviously disrespecting situation?  Or should I just have more security about myself?  Please helpme because this is the main reason he and I fight and I am on the brinkof just giving up here-but I love him and I don't want to leave.
  • I get veryjealous sometimes, and I hate the feeling,but I don'tget where it stems from.. I have no logical reason to be jealous, butI am none the less. I know in my head that she is completely honest with me, but in my heart I get so jealous... or maybe it's the other way around.. oh boy, I'm mixed up.  I love my girlfriend very much. We are bothChristians and this is the best relationship either of us has had. I don'twant my petty jealousy to tear us apart.. so I'm needing to know what todo. I need to change my way of thinking or something... I don't believeI see her as a possesion, but maybe I always have and never realized it..I sincerely hope not.. I know I need to treat her better than this, butI can't lie and say I'm fine with certain things she does, when I'm not..I'll blow up in side and plus we promised each other we'd always be honest...I don't know... please help me out.
  • I have prayed that God would send me a good man.I think he has answered my prayer. I have found the most wonderful man.He treats me like a queen, makes me feel comfortableloved and needed.However, he's married. He tells me that his marriage is just about over, except for the paperwork of divorce. I'm getting in deep, even sexually, am I doing wrong?




  • I visited a bible study group in which the participantsall began to speak in some kindof foreign language. They lifted theirhands and said something that sounded like "a shambala ala shundula" or something like that. Afterwards they toldme they were speaking in tongues.They said it was a special prayer language they use to talk to God andthat I should pray to receive the gift myself. What is speaking in tongues?
  • They tell me that when I speak in tongues it is anevidence that I am truly savedand have received the Holy Spirit. Isthat right?
  • Is tongues speaking a cult? Is it bad? Why are people doing it?



  • I went to a funeral the other day and there was awoman minister that was programmed to give comments. However, the pastorof the church refused toallow the woman preacher to speak from the pulpit.He said God doesn't callwomen to preach. She had to make her comments from the floor. Are women preachers biblical?
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