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September 1 to September 30, 2005

Monday, September 19, 2005

  Tonight about 40 members attended a meeting to lend their assistance to help Hurricane Katrina evacuees. Pastor Wright explained our church's objective is provide a little immediate assistance and then help  families from shelters and non-sheltered residences to permanent housing or resettlement in New Orleans.

  To eliminate administrative costs, the Ouachita Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency will handle most of  the social service aspects of the program. Without administration costs, it is estimated the costs will be between $700 to $1000 in cash per family to provide immediate assistance and transition into permanent housing. Moreover, non-cash contributions of furniture, towels, utensils, etc, will be the focus of our committee's efforts.

   Brother Ibra January, associate minister at Tabernacle, explained what Ouachita CAP does.

   Sister Sadie Cornelius was named chairlady of the disaster relief group. Committee chairs to handle, legal, housing, health care, administration, social services and intake were formed as well.

   Pastor Wright informed members about several partnerships that have been formed to help the families directly, some in Monroe and one with the Second Macedonia Baptist Church in Elizabeth, NJ., The Reverend Joe Adair, pastor.

   He said many families are already being assisted, but we are limiting our activities to a maximum of 20 families at a time, concentrating heavily of family blocks of up to five households.

   Sister Janie Robinson, an evacuee, told those present of her escape from New Orleans and how her son who stayed behind nearly drowned but was saved when an inner tube floated by and he rode it until he was air lifted. Despite being an evacuee she gave a monetary contribution to help others.


   It was reported today that Sister Mildred Johnson is living with relatives. She was taken to the hospital Sunday but was released.

 Sunday, September 18, 2005

  Today, Pastor Wright preached for our Lord's Supper celebration. His subject was �The Lord Sees and Provides.� He said God sees our need, faith and sacrifice then provides for our needs.

  There were special prayers given for Jean Leonard Anderson who has taken in a German hospital; Mildred Johnson, the church's oldest member who was taken to the hospital this morning; and Jeanette Mitchell who will be entering the hospital Tuesday for a major surgery.

    Pastor Wright announced that the church would be partnering with the Second Macedonia Baptist Church of Elizabeth, N.J. to assist the families displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The church, pastored by The Reverend Joe Adair, will be sending a trailer of relief items to assist sheltered and non-sheltered families in their resettling efforts. The assistance is through their church outreach ministry called �The Nehemiah Project.�

   Sister Mildred Johnson was taken to the hospital today by relatives.

 Friday, September 16, 2005

   Today, Pastor and Sister Wright spent most of the day attending workshops and meetings concerning helping victims of Hurricane Katrina. They heard presentations from the Red Cross, FEMA and other organizations. Brother Ibra January, assistant director of the Ouachita Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency was also in attendance.

  The annual boot camp of the church boy scout troop began this evening. There were 77 participan ts in the Bootcamp, mostly new members of Top Gun.2005 Scout Boot Camp The Boot camp is a 15 hour over night retreat for new members designed to inspire discipline and orientation for new members to the entire Top Gun Program. The participants do not sleep during the 15 hours. The Boot Camp was led by Pastor Wright, assisted by Frederick Mitchell, Robert Tanzy, Quincy Millikin, and Micheal Johnson. Food service was prepared by Joslyn Wright, Patricia Johnson, and Jeanette Mitchell.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

   The choir had a spirited rehearsal tonight. Sister Barbara Murray directed us again. Everyone was excited.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Pastor Wright preached from the subject �Gone With The Wind.�

 Two members joined our congregation today: Sister Ellis and Sister Robinson.

 Saturday, September 10, 2005

   The men of the congregation gathered quietly Ibra January, Jr. removing brushat the home of Pastor Wright this morning to begin a surprise landscaping of his grounds. When Pastor Wright awoke there were members of the men's fellowship busily working, laughing, joking and having fun in his yard.

  David Brownfield and John Hall on work day  When they finished Pastor Wright said, �I thought I was at the wrong house.�

     The project is one of several fellowship projects of the Men's fellowship of  Tabernacle.

 Friday, September 2, 2005

  Members of Tabernacle who have personal concerns about Hurricane Katrina. Click Here to see an update of members or relatives associated with Hurricane Katrina natural disaster.

   Many of our members are trying to aid members of their families affected by Hurricane Katrina.

 Charlotte Millikin was on the phone with relatives in New Orleans when the levee broke this week. The phone went dead and she hasn't heard from any of them.

  Destiny Watson was able to make it home from school with just the clothes on her back. Jessica Hall, made it home after a long grueling traffic evacuation route back to Monroe.

  About 30 members of Debra Ratcliff's family are displaced. One member of the family was separated from them in the evacuation effort. She reportedly returned to New Orleans to help her mother and sisters. While the other members of the family are on their way to Monroe, the whereabouts and condition of her inlaw are unknown.

  Brenda Simm's cousin, Dr.Curbie Green is in the charity hospital in New Orleans. She does not know his status at the moment, although she was able to contact the hospital once.

  Marteal Riley's sister, Barbara Murray is in the city living with Marteal. Her home was buried underneath water.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

 There was a very spirited choir rehearsal tonight. The choir stand was packed. Songs were directed by Omega Morgan and Quincy Millikin. There was also a presentation given by the choir president Rene Broadnax

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